Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Star Cruise liners are popular all around the world for their ships which have redefined luxury. Cruising around the most popular destinations in Asia, time spent on these ships will allow you to have the time of your life. Superstar Gemini is one of those ships which offer a wide range of services to the passengers that let them forget their mundane life and enjoy the time on board. But what makes Gemini so special? Here are a few key points about the same.

• Star Cruise Gemini departs from Singapore and has two different ports, including, Malacca and Port Klang. The duration of the cruise also depends on the choice of port.

• The length of the cruise Superstar Gemini is 754.59 feet and has a width of 95.14 feet.

• The passenger capacity of the cruise ship is 1,530 people at one go.

• There are 765 cabins on the ship that are categorized into three types, namely, balcony cabins, oceanview cabins and inside cabins.

• Each of the cabins is a state-of-the-art in themselves. The cabins can accommodate couples, individuals, and families traveling on the ship. They are complete with satellite TV, Wi-Fi, top-notch linen, mini fridge, room services, vibrant colors and classy furniture.

• The cabins have attached bathroom.

• The Stardust Lounge can host 600 people at a time who can enjoy live stage shows of the best bands in Asia or renowned magicians.

• French magician Sophie Edelstein performs illusion tricks. She has collaborated with a circus and together they ensure that the passengers are entertained at their best.

• You can indulge in peaceful massages at the spa center. There is a beauty salon on board of superstar Gemini cruise that allows the ladies to indulge in a luxurious treatment.

• There are a fitness center and a jogging track for the fitness enthusiasts.

• Onboard the cruise, there is an outdoor swimming pool with a splash pool for the kids.

• The activity center offers different kinds of action and bustle that are capable of entertaining both adults and the children.

• The sun deck offers a mesmerizing view of the clear blue ocean. You can sip a glass of wine and enjoy the serenity. You can also watch the sunset and sunrise clearly from the deck.

Hence, this holiday, travel on superstar Gemini cruise and enjoy excellent services and extravagant facilities on board. You can get your booking today from leading travel agents who offer lucrative offers on the same. So book a seat and enjoy solitude and peace unparalleled. Bon Voyage!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Discovery Holidays, one of the reputed adventure tour companies understands that each individual and group have their own distinct thrilling travelling needs and budget. With their satisfactory and hassle free services, they value your adventurous choices and decisions atop. The wide spectrum of customized and special packages caters to all—from individual travellers to groups, or corporate business travelers. They have the most affordable packages to satiate different clients easily.

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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Discovery Holidays is one of the best tour operators in India, serving for almost for 20 years and more. They aim to bring complete customer centric travel services to the clients and travellers by helping you in planning your own hassle-free travel, itinerary, routes, destination, place of stay, kind of holiday, without any interruption., that too at competitive prices. Being one of the leading online travel agencies in India, they also represent some brilliant world class cruise companies.

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Star Cruise Libra is the ultimate destination this winter for it offers much more than expected. With the best arrangements on board, you get the best of everything. 

A cruise vacation is great! Waking up in new places every day, cruising over blue water, okay, the list is long. Cruise vacations are the best! But you are still confused about whether or not to go for a vacation? One of the most popular Star Cruise liners, Superstar Libra, is here with facilities that evoke a wow-worthy feeling. Not sure? Keep reading the reasons on why you should go on a vacation right now. 

Luxurious accommodation at its best

The cabins on superstar Libra cruise are categorized into three sections- the suites, the inside cabins, and the ocean view cabins.  While the suites offer everything from king size beds to mini bar, check in meals to spacious bathrooms. Each of the suites comes with a private balcony as well which gives you a breathtaking view of the ocean. The interior rooms come with several sleeping arrangements and satellite TV. The ocean view rooms stand out with their state of the art facilities like WiFi, mini fridges and they all are overlooking the clear blue water. Now, find a reason why you wouldn’t want to be here?

World class entertainment 

Star Cruise liners are known for their world-class entertainment and Superstar Libra is no different. From a choreographed dance drama to a traveled magician, top-notch entertainers from all around the world gather on board to put spectacular shows for you. Live stage shows are also organized in the lounge area, where more than 600 people can dine and wine and enjoy some great acts. The glass-fronted observatory area not only offers a panoramic view of the ocean but is a hotspot for young people and alike. 

Too much to do 

The ship has an activity center from where you can borrow board games and now about everything else that is going on. If you need to unwind, you can hit the spa and health club. The swimming pool comes with a splash (so craziness is not really limited here). For athletes, there is a basketball court and fitness center. For lazy people, there is a sun deck. And for everybody, there is a beautiful deck where you can enjoy solitude while watching the sunset. 

So what is not convincing here? With extravagance spelled in every corner of the ship, Superstar Libra cruise is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. World famous restaurants and clubs offer their popular dishes that appeal to your taste. Sophisticated yet fun, you should definitely pack your bags for the next holiday and hit out. Top travel agencies have lucrative packages. Bon Voyage!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

There have been a number of stereotypical ideas revolving around the cruise trips. They are considered either for the honeymoon couples or for the retired people. But is that the truth? Actually, these myths have been doing the rounds for a long time now, and they must be busted to help the travel lovers make the most of the cruise vacations. The modern ship companies are bringing in an array of at-sea innovations and, thus, the cruise industry is getting notched up with time. 

A cruise trip depends on a lot of things and a variety of factors like cruise line, ship size, cabin type and itinerary. Thus, you have to choose a good and reputed travel agency to bank on the best cruise deal to get the most out of the trip at reasonable rates. 

If you are planning to bank on the most celebrated cruise line, then it is time to debunk some of the myths surrounding the cruise holidays to make the most out of the star cruise tour packages

Myth 1: Cruises are overcrowded 

Today, people might think the ships become quite crowded in the holiday’s season, but the fact is that the cruise lines have been designing more dynamic areas in terms of traffic flow. You might get an idea that the ships are congested with so many people, but the ships today have grown to carry more passengers with more space for other facilities like bars, swimming pools, and much more.

Myth 2: Only old people travel in cruises 

There is a misconception that the cruise lines only cater to people of a certain age group and move with a slower pace. But the fact is that the cruise lines have all the facilities for all age groups, from bars, to dance floors, to gyms, the swimming pools and a lot more. Hence, from the youth to newlyweds or the retired bunch, everyone can expect to have a gala time on-board.

Myth 3: Cruise trips are dangerous 

The travel freaks often might think that the cruise trips are dangerous with endless possibilities of fires, power outages, rogue waves, rough seas, hurricanes and motion sickness of the people onboard.  But actually and statistically, cruises are one of the safest forms of travel. The dedicated team of engineers and mechanics make sure to keep things under control and are trained to deal with any malfunctions that might arise.

Myth 4: You will be bored 

Taking the best possible and affordable star cruise holiday package might make you feel that you will be super bored, but that’s not the fact. On-board, you can surf, skydive, splash on the pools, attend cocktail parties, hit the gym, attend Broadway productions, eat different cuisines, meet new people of different backgrounds and have the best time of your life!

Thus, time to bunk all the myths and get going with the best cruise travel packages.

Monday, 16 October 2017

If you are planning to go on a holiday, you will definitely need a travel agent. Learn the best tricks to pick the best travel agent for an unforgettable travel experience. 

When you go on a vacation, your main motive is to get away from the pangs of your daily life. So the last thing you want is an extra headache while holidaying. For this, you need a good travel agent to do your plan your holidays. But how to pick a good one? here are three ways you can pick the best one.

Pick a travel agent with a credible resume

When you are hired for a job, you are hired based on your credibility and resume. Impressive resumes usually call for a better future perspective. Same goes with the travel agents! When finding a travel agency, it is always ideal to opt for ones which are trustworthy and reliable. This will reduce your chances of running into any kind of inconvenience when on a trip. Ask their former clients about their experience and make a decision wisely. Best travel agencies in Kolkata give a clear picture about their company and industry experience. So don’t forget to check that!

Ask them questions (as many as you want)

If you are traveling outside the country, it is normal to ask questions. You might have queries regarding various things like accommodation, transport, food, tourist attractions to name a few. Don’t opt for an agency till all your questions are answered. Half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. Travel agencies who are reliable will answer each of these questions with complete conviction. You will be satisfied and convinced. But till you get an inner call, don’t book! 

Take your time to decide 

When you go to buy a car, you take time to decide whether or not it is a good investment. Similarly, when you are traveling, you make an investment that usually ends in creating memories for a lifetime. So take your time before deciding which travel agency you want to go with. Weigh your options well and make a decision wisely. Whether traveling alone or in the group, your safety and security matters, hence, don’t forget to consider them! 

Thus, answer a call only when you feel right. Best tour operators in Kolkata offer lucrative deals on vacations, both local and international. They do all the work while you enjoy the escapade from your mundane life.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Discovery Holidays is the most top-notch and reputed tour and travel agency in Kolkata, serving for almost for 20 years and more. They aim to bring smiles and complete satisfaction in the faces of the clients and travellers by helping you in planning your own hassle-free travel, itinerary, routes, destination, place of stay, kind of holiday, without any interruption., that too at competitive prices. Being one of the leading online travel agencies in India, they also represent some brilliant world class cruise companies.

Friday, 22 September 2017

If you are planning to visit Kolkata during the Durga Puja, and then there are a few things you must do and places you must visit. 

Kolkata during the Durga Puja is one of the best places to visit. The streets are filled with bright lights, colorful pandals standing tall in every corner and people in their vibrant clothes enjoying the festivities are a sight to behold. The city dresses up like a bride for those five days till the idol immersion takes place. So if you are planning a visit, then here are three things you should do.

Pandal hoping

As important as breathing is, pandal hoping is a must for all if you are planning to spend your time in Kolkata. With stages set at every corner of the streets, there is a lot to see and experience here. While most of the puja committees stick to a theme and the pandals are constructed based on that, you will be mesmerized by the magnitude of the entire thing. From the traditional setup in North Kolkata to the more theme centric pujas in South Kolkata, these five days should be dedicated to discovering the city in sheer beauty and grandeur. Tours and travels in Kolkata arrange pandal hopping tours.

Eat and eat a lot

If you are in Kolkata during the Durga Pujas and have not indulged into eating the traditional Bengali dishes, then you are practically missing out a lot. From rice and fish curry to egg rolls available with the street vendors, you will not be deprived of good food. The mouthwatering delicacies from all around India and the world make a big part of this festival. Also, restaurants and food stalls are open all day and night with no exception, feeding the hungry stomachs, which one can usually become after a rigorous session of pandal hopping. 

Go on a walking tour of the city 

Even if you don’t like walking, taking a car to cruise around the City of Joy during the Durga Puja is a bad idea. Traffic usually comes to a standstill with almost the entire population of the city and nearby areas on the streets. Thus, a walking tour of the city is the best way to enjoy the extravagance of the puja scenario. Domestic tour operators Kolkata based organize such tours of the city. They take you through the lanes and by-lanes of the city, helping you experience much more than just gazing at the beautiful pandals.

Thus, this year, if you are planning to make a visit to Kolkata, then make sure you get the best of everything. Domestic tour operators provide lucrative deals on traveling to the city. These deals are cheap yet include the best of the facilities. So pack your bags today and get ready to blow your mind with the biggest festival of the year.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Super star Gemini cruise liner is one of the most popular ships in the world that makes a round trip to Singapore. The ship sails on clear blue waters and docks on exotic locations waiting for you to be discovered. However, the inside of the cruise is brilliant and stands out for renowned services and luxury. Want to know what are the things you get on board? Give the following article a read.

There is no lack of entertainment

With a lounge that seats 600 people at a time and has world famous artists performing, magic shows by renowned illusionists and a circus show, you can be anything but bored. Entertainment is classy on board and leaves no stone unturned to keep you amused and interested. 

Luxury at its best

The rooms which come in a variety of types including balcony cabins, oceanview cabins and inside cabins, you can choose any one you prefer to. The rooms are filled with facilities like Wi-Fi connections, satellite TV, comfortable beds, mini bars and much more. The sheer extravagance of the rooms is enough to get you on board. While you wake up to new destinations every day, the comfort of the rooms will keep you wanting for more. 

Activities are great 

So let’s make a count here. Activity center, check. Beauty salon, check. Spa, check. Swimming pool, check. Jogging track, check. Sun deck, check. Multiple restaurants and bars, check. With so much to offer, it only makes sense that you will not have nothing to do. Relax in the spa or take a run around the cruise, participate in games with complete strangers or just enjoy the sun set in the clear blue water, there are plenty of things to do when you are not busy sightseeing the exotic locations. And when all of it fall short, hit any of the restaurants and indulge in some mouth watering delicacy.

Sounds more than fair! 

Thus, when on Super star Gemini, you will surely be having the best time of your life. There is so much to do, you would probably be confused. But don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Lucrative deals on cruise ship holidays are being offered by the best tour and travel agencies. Book one for yourself today and float away in excellence from the mundane life. Bon Voyage!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Want to see the spiritual side of India? Interested to trek the mountains of India? Or maybe go river rafting? Want to see the beauty of the backwaters? Have a coconut on the beaches? Well, if you want to do any of these, then The best travel agency India based Discovery Holidays has just about everything for you. From Kerala to Kashmir, Gujarat to North East, they have provision for travelling all across the country. You don’t have to break your bank to travel. Just select the destination and the experts will take care of the rest. Bon Voyage! 


Discovery Holidays
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Friday, 1 September 2017

Have you been dreaming to travel the world? Then Discovery Holidays is the place for you to be. Recognized as one of the famous travel agencies in Kolkata, they have a number of locations shortlisted where they arrange for the best travels. From accommodation to transport, they take care of all the aspects. With lucrative deals and discounts, they also take care of the visa issues, providing you with much relief. Just visit them and find the destination of your dreams.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Escaping from the busy city life is like taking respite from the mundane humdrums, and this is only possible by traveling. But, not always you would feel like undertaking the stereotypical journeys, and for all these times you need to sail in to the sunset without a care in the world. Yes, we are talking about the trend of cruising these days, and within one single package, you get everything from accommodation and food to entertainment and thrilling adventures. Be it the sumptuous meals you enjoy or the captivating nature to intrigue your senses, you have options galore to try out.  The glinting waves, and blue sky would satiate tour tired soul, and refresh your mind, purging it off the prosaic turbulences.

In India too, the cruise trips have suddenly gained a momentum, and you are free to undertake any one of them that suits all your preferences and requirements.  The reputed travel agencies would help you to bank on the most affordable cruise vacation package, and the deal would be worth your time, money and energy. 

Here are some of the cruise ship holidays that you can consider on undertaking. 

Sail along Ganges 

You can try out the regal and luxurious 12 days cruise package covering New Delhi to Kolkata along the heritage sites into the sacred Ganges. This is a very holistic approach as it contains both land and on-board exploration, and the water lovers would absolutely love this for being so fun, classy and pleasant. 

The Andaman Islands 

For the beach lovers and wanderlusts, Andaman is one of the best places to explore. This is a great place for cruise vacation too, and the glass bottom boats offer mesmerising views of pristine colorful corals along the strong waves to exotic islands like Jolly Buoy & Neil Island.

Chilika Lake cruise

Looking for a soothing and unexplored cruise vacation in India? Then, the Chilka Lake in the Bay of Bengal, about 60 Km from Puri, it is a popular spot amongst the cruise lovers.  To watching the migratory birds, to enjoying the azure waters, and serenity around, you have a lot of other thrilling activities to undertake. 

Cochin cruise 

Cochin in the south is the most popular beach cruise destination in India and you can relish perfect weather almost all the year round.  As per your duration and budget, you get a number of packages to choose from and this can be booked through any of the most reputed travel agencies.  

Dibru-Saikhowa river cruise

If you are looking for an adventurous getaway in cruise, the Dibru-Saikhowa River Cruise is the best option to lay your hands on. The perfect water wildlife fusion that it offers, you get to see some of the rare and endemic species of India. 

Thus, it is time to bank on the most celebrated best cruise travel agency and get started!

Monday, 17 July 2017

The main objective of Discovery Holidays, the leading tour agent is to cater to the exceeding demands of the businessmen, and their different forms of international conferences, business meetings, exhibitions and events. Their holistic approach to individual needs, by focusing on the group tours has made us one of the reputed and reliable corporate tour operators, as they understand their interest, requirements and preferences in details. Access their awesome range of cheap corporate travel packages at the soonest.