Friday, 22 September 2017

If you are planning to visit Kolkata during the Durga Puja, and then there are a few things you must do and places you must visit. 

Kolkata during the Durga Puja is one of the best places to visit. The streets are filled with bright lights, colorful pandals standing tall in every corner and people in their vibrant clothes enjoying the festivities are a sight to behold. The city dresses up like a bride for those five days till the idol immersion takes place. So if you are planning a visit, then here are three things you should do.

Pandal hoping

As important as breathing is, pandal hoping is a must for all if you are planning to spend your time in Kolkata. With stages set at every corner of the streets, there is a lot to see and experience here. While most of the puja committees stick to a theme and the pandals are constructed based on that, you will be mesmerized by the magnitude of the entire thing. From the traditional setup in North Kolkata to the more theme centric pujas in South Kolkata, these five days should be dedicated to discovering the city in sheer beauty and grandeur. Tours and travels in Kolkata arrange pandal hopping tours.

Eat and eat a lot

If you are in Kolkata during the Durga Pujas and have not indulged into eating the traditional Bengali dishes, then you are practically missing out a lot. From rice and fish curry to egg rolls available with the street vendors, you will not be deprived of good food. The mouthwatering delicacies from all around India and the world make a big part of this festival. Also, restaurants and food stalls are open all day and night with no exception, feeding the hungry stomachs, which one can usually become after a rigorous session of pandal hopping. 

Go on a walking tour of the city 

Even if you don’t like walking, taking a car to cruise around the City of Joy during the Durga Puja is a bad idea. Traffic usually comes to a standstill with almost the entire population of the city and nearby areas on the streets. Thus, a walking tour of the city is the best way to enjoy the extravagance of the puja scenario. Domestic tour operators Kolkata based organize such tours of the city. They take you through the lanes and by-lanes of the city, helping you experience much more than just gazing at the beautiful pandals.

Thus, this year, if you are planning to make a visit to Kolkata, then make sure you get the best of everything. Domestic tour operators provide lucrative deals on traveling to the city. These deals are cheap yet include the best of the facilities. So pack your bags today and get ready to blow your mind with the biggest festival of the year.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Super star Gemini cruise liner is one of the most popular ships in the world that makes a round trip to Singapore. The ship sails on clear blue waters and docks on exotic locations waiting for you to be discovered. However, the inside of the cruise is brilliant and stands out for renowned services and luxury. Want to know what are the things you get on board? Give the following article a read.

There is no lack of entertainment

With a lounge that seats 600 people at a time and has world famous artists performing, magic shows by renowned illusionists and a circus show, you can be anything but bored. Entertainment is classy on board and leaves no stone unturned to keep you amused and interested. 

Luxury at its best

The rooms which come in a variety of types including balcony cabins, oceanview cabins and inside cabins, you can choose any one you prefer to. The rooms are filled with facilities like Wi-Fi connections, satellite TV, comfortable beds, mini bars and much more. The sheer extravagance of the rooms is enough to get you on board. While you wake up to new destinations every day, the comfort of the rooms will keep you wanting for more. 

Activities are great 

So let’s make a count here. Activity center, check. Beauty salon, check. Spa, check. Swimming pool, check. Jogging track, check. Sun deck, check. Multiple restaurants and bars, check. With so much to offer, it only makes sense that you will not have nothing to do. Relax in the spa or take a run around the cruise, participate in games with complete strangers or just enjoy the sun set in the clear blue water, there are plenty of things to do when you are not busy sightseeing the exotic locations. And when all of it fall short, hit any of the restaurants and indulge in some mouth watering delicacy.

Sounds more than fair! 

Thus, when on Super star Gemini, you will surely be having the best time of your life. There is so much to do, you would probably be confused. But don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Lucrative deals on cruise ship holidays are being offered by the best tour and travel agencies. Book one for yourself today and float away in excellence from the mundane life. Bon Voyage!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Want to see the spiritual side of India? Interested to trek the mountains of India? Or maybe go river rafting? Want to see the beauty of the backwaters? Have a coconut on the beaches? Well, if you want to do any of these, then The best travel agency India based Discovery Holidays has just about everything for you. From Kerala to Kashmir, Gujarat to North East, they have provision for travelling all across the country. You don’t have to break your bank to travel. Just select the destination and the experts will take care of the rest. Bon Voyage! 


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