Saturday, 17 February 2018

Kolkata is often nicknamed the ‘City of Joy’ because of the vibrant and thriving culture it portrays. There are many things to see and visit in Kolkata; however, some of the destinations stand out. Some of the things are inevitable. Know such three things and make memories of a lifetime. 

Kolkata is a testament to the old amalgamating with the modern. A city that thrives on its culture and heritage, the extraordinary development it has made is truly stunning. There are many tourist destinations in Kolkata that includes Victoria Memorial, Maidan, Jorashankho and much more. However, there are a few activities which you should indulge in when in the ‘City of Joy’. Want to know what activities? Keep reading to find out.

Try mishtis from the numerous sweet shops

Kolkata is famous for a lot of things, but nothing can beat the popularity of sweets, or known as mishtis. There are a lot of variations available. From rosogolla to chomchom, mishti doi to sandesh, if you crave for sweets, you get sweets. There is a sweet shop located in every corner of the city, so you will find an abundance of options. No visit to Kolkata is complete without indulging in mishtis. So don’t forget to try some!   

Walk in the narrow lanes of North Kolkata 

This is obscure because most people don’t really know about the gems hidden in narrow lanes of North Kolkata. The original settlement took place in the North of the city, by the river Ganga. Walking through the lanes will help you transport back in time, the charm ready to blow your mind away. Get in touch with the best travel agency in Kolkata to experience the real essence of Kolkata. 

Take a boat ride on River Ganga 

Another forgotten activity is taking a boat ride on River Ganga. Though it is common for the couples and large groups of friends, you shouldn’t miss on this spectacular opportunity. There are numerous ghats in Kolkata, which allows you to take a boat ride; however, the most popular one is Princep Ghat. With the Second Hooghly Bridge in the background and the distant town of Howrah visible on the opposite shores, you will be mesmerized. The best time to take the ride is during sunset. 

If you are planning to visit Kolkata, make sure you try these activities before leaving. There is much to do in this very old metropolitan, but to get the authentic feel of the city, try the above-mentioned activities. Make your booking through reputed travel agencies in Kolkata to enjoy the city like never before. From accommodation to sightseeing, the travel agency includes it all in the itinerary. To get lucrative offers, make your booking today!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

An employee can become less productive over the months if he/she doesn’t take enough breaks. The duration of the break can vary between days to weeks, but to ensure maximum output of an employee, it is important that they take an ample number of breaks. 

After a thorough research by experts, it has been deduced that employees who don’t take a vacation every now and then are extremely stressed out. And the greater the levels of stressless will the productivity. With stress comes anxiety and with anxiety comes unhappiness. These people are generally angry all the time, putting less effort into their work. But why don’t they take holidays?

The most common reason for skipping vacations is the feeling of guilt that follows. Most employees are afraid that if they miss work, they will be left out of important meetings and discussions, nullifying all of their hard work. This guilt trip has been the biggest contributing factor to employees not using their vacations properly. And to top all that, there is always the fear of losing the job. 

Corporate travel agencies have pointed out that most people cancel their trips at the last moment due to pressure from work. Also, most employers are not keen towards accepting vacations. It is their general attitude which changes the game, preventing an employee from taking breaks. All of these not so encouraging factors combined together pose a great threat towards the general working attitude of employees. 

Vacation and productivity 

So it has already been discussed that not taking vacations makes employees stressed out, which further affects their productivity. Going on a vacation relaxes the body and the mind. Data says that 85% of the employees feel better once they come back from a holiday. Vacation also helps boost creativity. So if you have a job that requires your creative skills to be sharp, it is about time you go on a long trip. Seeing new things, experiencing new places, coming close with people from other cultures, all of these help kick-start the imagination, which will make your work better. With a healthy mind comes a healthy body. So the risk of cardiovascular diseases also decreases. If you feel fit and fine overall, your productivity at work will increase itself. 

So stop stressing out. Take a vacation. Go somewhere far. Even if it is for a week, just get out of that cubicle and enjoy the world. To book a holiday, be it domestic or international, visit the best corporate travel agent near you. They offer lucrative deals for employees, which will not break your bank. So travel and be productive.