Monday, 20 May 2019

This summer, if you want to sink in to the spirit of the forest and enjoy a great time outdoors, then a hill station will be a great idea. Instead of going for the same route up north, why don't you opt for a popular route down west. 

Lonavla is one of the popular hill stations in Maharashtra known for its lush greenery and mysterious caves. This place is really easy to visit. All you need to do is visit Mumbai by air or train and from there opt for a road trip across the Mumbai- Pune expressway. There are many unique places to visit in Lonavla , the details of which is given below in the blog. In fact one of the travel company in Kolkata is offering an itinerary for a weekend visit to lonavla you should definitely checkout. 

Bhaja Caves 

There are plenty of caves in and round lonavla that were built by the Buddhist monks. The Bhaja caves exhibit some of the truly exquisite cave carving that you cannot afford to miss. The caves are said to be build around the 200 BC on top of the karli hills. There are around 22 caves build here which stand as a witness to the great example of the architectural style and Indian art.

Rajmachi fort 

The Rajmachi fort is a really prominent location in this area which provides a beautiful and breathtaking view of the region. This fort can either be reached by trekking for 15 kms. You can also hire a bike from the local town and ride your way up to the top of the mountain. 

Duke's nose

It is named after the Duke of Wellington for its resemblance and forms a beautiful picnic spot for the evergreen and beautiful surroundings. It is known for the widest and grandest view of the hills and forest that is located across the wide area. 

Thus, take your family for a pleasant holiday to the hills of lonavla this summer and allow them to breathe in the greenery of the forest and ponder about the history of the saves. You can find popular holiday & corporate tour operators offering affordable summer holiday packages that are worth the investment.