Sunday, 3 February 2019

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Sometimes you have to step way from the shoes of a tourist and zip away with the zest of a traveller. If you’re a beach bum at heart, then Goa is definitely the best thing that that definitely comes to your mind. To feel the beating pulses of Goa, you have to dig deeper and look for the places that are beyond a tourists perceptive. Below given are some of the best places to visit in Goa that are not only off-beat but adventurous as well. You can even get reasonable Goa adventure sports packages from popular tour operators in India.

Go On An Exhilarating Crab Catching Trip 

Crab catching is one of the fun things you can do in Goa. To be honest, it is not as easy as it sounds. With home-made nets called ‘Kobblem’ you set up traps for the crabs and catch them in the Goan backwaters or the sea side. There are various crab catching tours that takes place in Goa or you could just make a local friend in one of the villages and tag along with them for a little adventure.
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Play With The Delightful Dolphins 

Dolphin sighting is one of the most wonderful offbeat things to do in Goa. Not many people know about the amazing activity here, and hence it is often ignored. The cruises start from Fort Aguada , Sinquerim or Panaji Jetty. If you’re allowed you can also take a dip in the sea and play with the lovely features, but only if adequate arrangements are made.
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 Walk Through The Dark Packages Of The Goan Caves 

Few people know that there are surreal caves in Goa that has great natural and historic importance. Some caves among them are also man-made but many many years ago. Some of the most important Goan caves that you should checkout are: The Arvalem Caves, Lamgau caves and the Rivona Caves.
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Kayaking In The Goan Backwaters 

There's nothing like rowing across the charming creeks crossing the villages of northern Goa. Enjoy nature at its best by kayaking with some buddies or just grouping up with some strangers and make the best of the memories here.
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Thus, get in touch with one of the best tour operator in kolkata and enquire about the packages that the travel agency has created for the customers. You can even get a customized itinerary wherein the details of place of stay is also provided.