Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Who doesn’t want to enjoy some luxury while traveling once in a while?  Traveling is one of the most rewarding things you can spend your money on, and if you want to end this year with an extravagant yet cost-effective vacation, you need to have a super appropriate planning to go ahead.  Being at a beautiful destination and having all the comfort doesn’t necessarily have to be excessively expensive, as you can handle things in your budget with some super effective tricks and hacks. 

The first thing that is important to plan a posh trip is to optimize your travel expenditure properly.  From choosing the type of vacation you want to have, whether it would be beaches or mountains to banking on one of the reasonable luxury holiday packages, a lot needs to be done for a holistic traveling approach.

Travel through a tour agency 

If you have no time to sort things out and splurge in the different options to choose the luxurious yet cost-effective itinerary, you should definitely consider getting hold of a renowned and reliable travel agency who would customize a reasonable deal for you within your budget.   The travel agencies have special services for affordable extravagant travel plans, and you can also score one of them to have a hassle free and wonderful trip.  This is must less expensive and more convenient.  The agents have connections to suppliers in specific destinations and this will be an advantage to you. 

Choose off beat and lesser known locations 

Without having to take the flight halfway across the world, you can still plan a luxury vacation on a budget.  The only possible way out here is to choose offbeat locations and lesser known destinations that are not that crowded or explored. All you need is to indulge in a little bit more research and avoid the places that have a lot of hype surrounding them. The hot tourist spots are very expensive and hence you should venture off to out of the box places.

Plan during the off-season 

This is the most intelligent way to travel luxuriously without burning a hole in your pocket.  For instance, a wonderful cold weather location can be explored during the chilly months instead of the high season of summer.  This will cost you much less and also help you enjoy an amazing trip

Book the newly opened hotels 

To get more comfort at cheap rates, you should be daring enough to put up in newly opened hotels or resorts.  This travel trick is something that is highly helpful as the new hotels always offer opening discounts and deals to lure guests.  Try to be a part of such a grand opening and bank on killer deals! 

Thus, with some easy ways being implemented, you can make one of the affordable yet luxury tours and travel plans! 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Are you the ultimate cruise lover? Recently, cruising has garnered a lot of attention from wanderlusts across the globe and is definitely trending.  From the mystifying shores to the scenic beauties of the islands, cruising helps the travel lovers experience nature to the fullest.  Cruising has become one of the most popular ways to vacation for the holidays, and be it solo or in the group, you will always have fun on-board!   

We have all heard the stereotypes about cruises, but not all are facts. Some of them are popular myths that stop many from taking the initiative to cruise.  According to some studies carried out recently, it is found that around 24 million people a year take cruises worldwide and most of them hail from the USA.  India is also not left behind, and with Star Cruise, the leading cruise line curating exciting star cruise holiday packages, the sea lovers are leaving no chance behind to embark on adventurous and comfortable voyages! 

But before you go ahead to book such a package from a travel agency, here are some facts about cruising that you should be aware of.

The onboard ship amenities are getting better 

Did you know that the cruise ships offer you everything that you wish to have? For the travelers, these are turned into mini cities and malls that cater to distinct needs of the voyagers. The more you pay for the trip, the better access you get to the most extravagant services and amenities.  Apart from the common spa services, to exotic dining, gym and swimming pools, the magnificent cruise lines have also recently introduced live music concerts, amusement parks, skydiving simulators and other adventure sports, and much more. 

Always be prepare to eat 

Are you very health conscious and follow strict diet regimes? Then you must take a break from the conventional schedule and be prepared to hog on a variety of food items on your cruise vacation.  According to some reports, a lot of food is stocked on the ships so that the posh dining experience can be provided to the travelers.    For a seven-day trip, around 19,723 pounds of chicken, 18,314 pounds of Beef, 900 cans of beer and much more are definitely packed! How can you say no to lip-smacking food? 

The Caribbean is the most popular destination

For cruisers and the cruising industry, the most popular destination of the world is The Caribbean.  The white sands and beautiful clean and clear blue waters, make this place the most preferred cruise location. On the other hand, the busiest cruise port is in Miami, Florida, as almost 4.5 million passengers embark on their cruise vacation each year from here. 

The private island trends 

If You choose a star cruise package, be sure to visit their private island as well, because most of the popular cruise lines own their own private islands. These private destinations offer wonderful; shore excursions!