Monday, 6 April 2020

From throwing light on cruise myths to giving details on the different cruise kinds to familiarizing you to the cruise culture, this guide will leave you feeling excited and informed about the probability of getting on your first cruise.

A cruise holiday is just like a travelling hotel. Few cruise ships like cruise ship singapore are mammoth floating playgrounds with floors of entertainment and fun, whilst others provide a more personal, lavish experience with all the superior touches you would expect from a boutique lavish hotel.

Setting straight certain myths

Myth 1: The rooms will be too tiny

Most people are pleasingly surprised by the size of their room, although, it goes without saying that the accommodation selections onboard each ship vary. If a room is essential to you, pick a cruise that provides larger than average suites or cabins as a selling point and asks for a cabin along with a balcony. If you are travelling with family and friends, you may even be able to book an interconnecting suite.

Myth 2: You will feel seasick

Seasickness is a probability onboard any vessel, but it is less of an issue on cruises than you may thing. Most large cruise ships are provided with stabilizers which aid to lessen the feeling of being ill at sea. Smaller ships will feel more movement of the ocean, so you might want to bear this in mind if seasickness is an issue for you. Luckily, there are several smart tricks and tips to help you lessen the jeopardy of seasickness on any ship like which room to ask for onboard, or medications to pack just in case.

So, now that we have burst the bubbles of myths regarding cruise holidays get in touch with a popular tour operator in the city and inquire about exciting cruise packages like that of singapore cruise packages. Find out what works out for you and book a cruise holiday for you and your family now!  

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

international tour companies in India

South Africa is a remarkable destination for all kinds of tourists. Whether you are an adventure buff or you allow your stomach to command your travels, there’s something for one and all.

If you are busy scheduling your first trip to the nation, keep to some of our recommendations below for one of the best and hassle-free international holiday tours and discover yourself why South Africa feels like home even when you are on a tour.

You may have realized that South Africa isn’t only a huge land of nomadic tribes and full-size five safari animals, there are immense cities, astonishing natural landscapes, millions of people and obviously, hordes of wildlife experiences.

To assist you find the way into the local culture and set you up for the unforeseen, here are some of the tips that might come handy on your first trip to South Africa.

Rent a car

If you wish to discover South Africa’s popular Garden Route or pass through the Drakensberg Mountains to the Highest Pub in Africa in Lesotho, you will have to get a car. Fortunately, car rental rates are much lower compared to South Africa’s next-door countries. Besides, if you have a set of wheels, you can also go to Kruger National Park and go for a self-drive safari!

Always keep cash on you

While credit cards are extensively accepted in South Africa, you will still have to cash throughout your tour. We suggest taking out cash from the ATM when you reach the place. You will get a better exchange rate from the machines than by using any currency exchange service at the airport.

Pick up the local slang

South Africa has a whopping eleven official languages. Whilst English in third most-spoken language, South Africans have put their little spin on it and threw in a mix of Zulu words and Afrikaans for good measure.

So, what are you waiting for? Chuck off South Africa off the bucket list. Get in touch with the best domestic tour operators Kolkata and find out what is the best package available and convenient for you.

Monday, 9 March 2020

India's diversity opens opportunities for some unforgettable and excellent corporate tours. There is barely a travel destination in India that does not provide an unequaled MICE experience. Check out this article to set up your next corporate tour this year.

India is speckled with resorts and hotels that make best getaways for all your grand events, large conferences, small meetings and for that matter rejuvenation and relaxation. Get in touch with one of the popular corporate tour operators to keep your event organized, eventful and certainly hassle-free. India brags varied destinations for corporate outings which are fair and square distributed on hills to beaches, and desert, thus you can never run out of ideas as to where to arrange the best corporate tour.


Though time might have changed the profile of Mussorie and certain things remain the same. Once the retreat or in an apt word an escape for the British from the scorching summer in India, Mussorie. To date remains a perfect getaway for all those looking for a break from the stern weather conditions. Hovering on a horse-shaped ridge at a height of about 2006m, Mussorie is called as the "Queen of the Hill Stations" in India.

Kasauli hill station

Strewn with thick timbered woods, Kasauli is located in the Solan district in the delightful state of Himachal Pradesh. It proffers the appeal of a calm and composes tourist fascination. Kasauli is famous for its picturesque surroundings and wonderful Victorian mansions. The snow-capped mountains, gurgling torrents, lush greenery, and alpine meadows improve the perfect exquisiteness of the hill station.


The "Pink City" of Jaipur was named after Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who founded the city on November 18, 1727. Jaipur with Agra and Delhi forms India's Golden Triangle which is the most famous tourist circuit within the country. The capital of Rajasthan is also a retreat to other tourist places like Mount Abu, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Pushkar and Ajmer in the state.

So what are you waiting for? Book your corporate tour with the most reliable corporate tours and travels agencies in the city for the best travel packages that are reasonable and are filled with all the goodness.


Monday, 24 February 2020

It is as good as it sounds, for a plan of an ideal refreshing break. So, whether you are setting up a romantic escape, a family reunion or simply want to feel the lavishness at its best, cruise packages in india have a lot to propose for that much-needed break of yours.

If you have a cruise on your mind, check out these plush cruise trips you can take in this country.

Bihar Saga

You may not believe it, but, it IS true. You can cruise through Bihar, for real! The voyage begins from Kolkata, the city of joy, which then takes you through the calm waters of River Ganges up to Bihar. The cruise approaches the French Colony of Chandannagar, to the wonderful temples of Kalna, then a city tour of Mayapur and cruise through Murshidabad on to the Farakka Barrage. The trip doesn't stop here, you gradually move on the way to the countryside of Jharkhand and lastly end the cruise tour at Vikramshila.

Sail through the North-East

North-East is gradually up-and-coming as a crucial tourist territory in the country. To get a feel of the cultural ethos and to know about the several phenomena of the state, cruising is one of the best choices here. Begin your trip from Guwahati and stop at the Kamakhya Devi Temple, take pleasure in dolphin and bird watching, enjoy tea picking at an estate, go on a jeep safari at Kaziranga National Park and pander to many more activities along the way. You can take the lavish cruise liner, MV Mahabaahu and pick to stay in suites, cabins or rooms as per your convenience.

The Golden Triangle Cruise

The tour through the River Ganges will take you back into the country's charming religious and historical heritage. The twelve-night cruise guarantees an experience that will allure you in many ways and leave behind the reminiscences that will last eternally. The cruise begins from New Delhi and travels along with different heritage sites before arriving at Kolkata. So be prepared to sail for a captivating experience.

So this year, take your family on a cruise tour for an amazing experience. For starters sail domestically. Novices can get in touch with one of the popular tour operators in the city to get detailed information along with prices about cheap cruise vacations they have to offer. Go through them and book one according to your convenience.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

If you are guessing that the best of your group could be achieved by tasking group mates with never-ending targets, you are not on the right track. Limiting your working parties within the room of your corporate cavity will make the workload look a heavy pressure to your coworkers.

Be that as it may, a mini alteration in the regular schedule of your corporate datebook can reap huge profits in terms of group performance. Besides, to attain the best out of your squad you should take them for an audacious group outing.

Let's look at some of the places within India you can take your team to this 2020, once you have customized your corporate holiday packages for a smooth time.


An eternal stream of stunning blooms and rippled trekking courses attracts people from all across the globe to Sonamarg. Sonamarg should be in every company's rundown of places to visit in Kashmir for its captivating aura and dazzling views. Your corporate pals can make a loving bond by arranging group trips together like camping, trekking and nature walk.

Botanix Nature Resort

If you are searching for group outing destinations in Gurgaon that assures exciting activities while interfacing you to the immaculate nature, go to Botanix Nature Resort. Snuggled in the delightful Aravalli Slopes and the gasping Damdama Lake, this traditional group outing place hosts diverse breathtaking activities for the corporate teams, like zorbing, nature walks, hot air ballooning, Burma bridge, camel rides and so forth.

Dhauj Camps close to Delhi

Situated quite nigh on Delhi in the Aravalli Hills, Dhauj Camp makes for a perfect group outing destination. A spotless blend of the captivating activities and rustic life, such as monkey crawl and balance walk, to name a few, this site provides a jaunt into native beauty where you can relax and perk up without breaking a sweat.

Tapola River Camp, Pune

The Tapola River cap proving several activities makes it a perfect outing spot in Pune for corporate groups. The tents at the Tapola River Camp are placed close to each other. They are provided with pleasant verandahs allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape. 

For corporate travel packages that will let you choose a destination from an extensive range of options, contact one of the most popular tour operators in the city. These packages are usually affordable as well as lucrative. Get in touch with them now and get your booking done!

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Cruises are easy to set up, comprise all-encompassing costs, and offer all facilities that you can conceive of and beyond on the ship. Travelling internationally or domestically is a gust on a dream cruise ship, you don't even need to pack and unpack between places! But who will you meet on your voyage? What can you look forward to seeing? And how will you splurge your time on and off the craft?

First-time cruisers have nothing to worry about, here's a list of things they can look forward to:

Believe it or not: All cruise holidays are different

Each cruise line is special, each ship is unique, every itinerary is out of the ordinary, and of course, how a traveler decides to spend time on and off the boat is different. Due to the mind-boggling amount of alternatives of where to float, what to do, what to devour and whom you are spending your time with, it's impractical to have the same cruise holiday two times!

On land expeditions

Expeditions let cruisers to step right into the hub of a destination's ethnicity. On the whole, the longer the cruise, the more seaports on the schedule. Travelers get the chance to make the most of their spell on land with coast expeditions. From themed activities to cultural tours to water sports such as crafting with natives or cooking demonstrations, travelers of every interest and age group can get acquainted with every destination personally, making a special connection to every new background. 

Entertainment on board

What would normally be time spent on a journey on any just-land trip is spent taking pleasure in the best of the ship's cuisine and entertainment. Each cuisine line peddles an exceptional entertainment deal, ranging from buzzing nightclubs, adrenaline-roped in thrills, educational lectures, celebrity chef-conceived restaurants, and Broadway-level theater productions. Every hour consumed at sea can be filled with added excitement. It's not rare for fellow travelers to become quick pals when they find each other taking part in the same activities on board.

If you want to get yourself involved in some new kind of expedition, get in touch with the most popular and reliable tour operator in your city. They will offer you a great deal and set you up with an amazing package like that of the Genting dream cruise so that you can have the time of your life with your folks.

Monday, 20 January 2020

If your life mantra revolves around the concept of adrenaline and independence then there is a specific place that you should definitely visit to commence your new year on a happy note! New Zealand is known for its natural geographical beauty which you can seldom find anywhere else.

Thus, if you wish to travel to NZ with your BFF to celebrate togetherness and love make sure to get in touch with one of the best international tour companies for the same. Therefore, let's find out what makes New Zealand, the best place for adventure seekers.

Hiking the Tongariro Crossing

If you want to embark on one hiking adventure in New Zealand, then let this be the one for you. It is also considered to be one of the best day hikes you can opt for. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing stretches across 12 miles of scenic volcanic terrain. It is situated right in the middle of the North Island and is also one of the most easily accessible hikes in country.

Swimming with Dolphins in Kaikoura

Kaikoura is one of the many magnificent places in New Zealand where the mountains run right into the sea. You can simply jump off a boat into a pod of wide dolphins and snorkel around and make some cute friends around there. You can also see whales, splash around with the seals and even catch your own crayfish for dinner.

Explore the Milford Sound

Milford Sound is tucked away at the bottom of the South Island, it is one of the last true wilderness in New Zealand. A palatial fiord lined with vertical cliffs and glaciers peeking through the distance it is one of those rare spots that looks incredible in rain or shine. Depending on the rain, these cliffs may be covered with waterfalls as well.

Take the leap of faith and book one of the best international tour packages to New Zealand. Drop a mail to the help team and make sure to state your requirements so that accordingly they can create an itinerary for the trip.