Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Are you failing to enjoy the feel of monsoon in the crowded city life of Kolkata? To perceive the actual soul of the rains, you need to visit the most running rain-soaked places near Kolkata on weekends, with friends or family. Instead of spending messy days in the city, amidst the traffic jams and potholes filled with rainwater and mud, it is essential that the travel buffs seek out the short journeys on the weekends to make monsoon more special and memorable. 

Leaving the city humdrum behind for a serene and rainy trip is integral to one’s wellbeing during the gloomy monsoons, to uplift mood and infuse happiness. Rains can do wonders for your emotions, and let that happen positively, away from the mundane complexities. 

Here are some of the best weekend getaway packages churned out by the leading travel agencies in Kolkata

The Ajodhya hills

Do you want to feel the rusticity and calmness of the rural this rainy month? Head to Ajodhya hills of Purulia, around 250 km away from Kolkata and you can trek through the lush green forests and the Rocky Mountains.  Enjoy A scenic view from the Gorgaburu hill, the highest point of this mountain range, and also relax around Bamni falls, as the water force becomes quite powerful due to rain.  Mingle with the tribal people, make way to the village temples and overall spend a great time!


If you are a beach lover, then the sea is calling you at Tajpur.  The forest along the beaches can let you have a serene evening stroll or party with your friends at the beach shacks. This sea beach offers innumerable options to the travelers who madly love the sea and sand. The sea becomes thrilling when it rains during monsoons!

Paushi, Midnapore 

A little away from the main city, Paushi is a small village of Midnapore district, which happens to be a small village very close to Mother Nature.  The rain soaked red muddy roads, small huts, bright and clean lush greenery all around will mesmerize your soul.  The eco-tourism destination named Mon Chasa is also located here and also you can have an amazing time by the Badga River. Enjoy authentic Bengali cuisine, and raw rural life for a weekend here.

Khoai, Bolpur 

In search of Tagore’s essence? Wait no more and drive to Khoai off Boplur that rings with Tagore's poetries and songs.  The peaceful greenery, red earth all around, and rainy vibes will help you unwind. You can enjoy the pollution free Shonajhuri forest and Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary, spotting some rare animals.

Thus, choose one of the top-notch Kolkata travel agencies, and let this monsoon gift you a wonderful weekend trip away from city life! 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Do you want to experience the sandy delights of India with your office team? Well, corporate outings are very important for the office going crowd, helping them to open up with their colleagues and this also assists them to rejuvenate for better work productivity.  The beaches provide perfect entourages for the team outings and hence the workplaces always prioritize them while organizing the corporate trips. 

Beaches are full of exciting water sports, serene scenery, pristine ambiance and of course the beachside beer parties. These add a lot of fun, and this is the reason why the leading corporate tour organizers have churned out exciting and reasonably priced beach trips for the office teams. 

Here are some of the beaches in India that can offer the best backdrops for office trips. 


We all need a chance to visit Goa, isn’t it? One of the popular holiday destinations, this place offers unlimited fun and thrill to the youth, and for office trips, this is a highly recommended place.   From relaxation at the summery tranquil beaches to trying out adventurous activities, Goa provides the perfect setup for a team outing. The team members can easily unwind themselves by chilling at the balmy sea beaches of Goa, and luxurious resorts.


If you want to let your team have a more peaceful time by the beach, then the beaches of Pondicherry will delight you the most.  From the harmonious existence of different nationalities in Auroville to organizing beach games like kayaking, canoeing, boating, and sailing, would be great for the teams. 

Udupi Marawanthe Beach

This happens to be a heaven for the nature addicts, this is also regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Karnataka. Udupi Marawanthe Beach is beautiful in its own with lush green palm trees, scintillating natural beauty, different thrilling activities.  The teams can get into some action with games like raft-building, kayaking, and other sports activities. Not to miss out on the enjoying Ayurveda spas here! 


The tempting and mesmerizing beach of Mahabalipuram is perfect for offices in Chennai and just a few hours of drive from the main city where the co-workers can bask under the sun and chill by the seashores.    The teams can relax amidst the beguiling scenery of the beach and extravagant resorts, and can also take part in beach soccer, human foosball and other games.


Situated between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Karwar is a great recreational place for the office goers and a number of beach activities can be arranged here.  Close to Goa and 519 km from Bangalore, this lovely place also is great for the teams who just want to revive themselves by spending quality time away from the office hustle bustle. 

Choose an office trip by one of the reputed corporate tours & travels and begin your journey!