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International tours always get us super excited, but there are certain things that one needs to follow in order to be safe. This blog lists out some of the pointers that are absolutely necessary, so that enjoy your foreign visit.

Travel enthusiasts have always romanticized the idea of venturing outside boundaries and no doubt it is one of the most beautiful ways of knowing the world. However, whenever one goes outside the borders of their own country and visit another, there are numerous international protocols burdened on them. To abide by these and enjoy oneself responsibly in a foreign country, certain things should always be kept in mind. This blog lists a few of the important ones and there are others as well that your international tour packages agency can familiarize you with. Now, let’s take a look at the ones listed here –


1.Always Carry Your Passport Around with you 

This is rule 101 when travelling in a foreign country and some could even put you behind bars or deport you for not having the document on you all the time. The passport is your identity and makes sure that the police and law enforcement agents of the country do not mistake you as an illegal immigrant and take legal action against you. It also safeguards you in case of any kind of emergency and lets you take refuge or seek help in your country’s embassy if there is any problem going on in that nation.


2.Travel Insurance is a Must Have 

Getting a travel insurance before going for a foreign trip shouldn’t be an option and you should always go for the ones that offer the most elaborate securities in case anything goes wrong. While it may seem like an unwanted expense since more often than not it isn’t necessary, this document can prove to be the safety net in case something goes awry, and you need the means to cover it.


3.Keep your Local Contact on Speed Dial

When you visit different countries as a part of international holiday packages, you are introduced to a local contact who takes care of all the arrangements. While that is all well and good, you should make sure that you have his/ her number on speed dial, so that you can contact the person if any emergency need arises. Also, it works in your favor if you behave well with the contact and keep in his/ her good books for the best support abroad.


4.Know about Crime Rate and Safety

Visiting different cities, it becomes a healthy habit to know about the crime rate and crime prone areas of the place so that you know which streets to avoid. Getting into the wrong turns could spoil your whole experience and crime is a part of every society, no matter how Utopian it looks from the outside. Also, ask your local contact whether you need to keep a curfew hour in mind to avoid any public complications!


5.Carry a Handbook of the Local Language at All Times

If you are visiting a country with a language you don’t speak or understand, then carrying a handbook of the same with common phrases could often get you out of sticky situations. Alternatively, you could also get a translation app on your smart phone and use that to communicate with the locals. Remember to always stay calm, because, where there is a will, there is way!

Keep all of these tips in your head and stay responsible even when you enjoy. The whole point of a foreign vacation is to have a gala time and experience a new culture and meet up with people from different parts of the world. Keep your mind open, and take the leap of faith into the unknown – you might find more familiarity there!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Whether one looks at it from a social, economic, or geographical perspective, if there is one thing that the Indian subcontinent can promise, it is diversity! And what better way to showcase that cultural, historic, and geographic diversity than through travel agencies of the country? For those who aren’t able to make sense of the premise, travel agencies Kolkata tour thousands of people every year to different parts of the country and help them imbibe for the immediate time being, the essence of those places.

india tour groups

These agencies have a far greater exposure to the cultural, linguistic, historical, and often economic disparities of the different places. A brilliant example would be when some visits Southern India compared to when they visit the Himalayas in the extreme North or North East. The most famous attractions of Southern states are temples, palaces, and pictures of opulence; not that there is lack of natural beauty but it is a mix of both. 

On the other hand, Northern most and North Eastern states show a completely different picture. The general populace is the working class labour in most villages that are situated in valleys and lie quite far off from each other. The temples have unique deities that pronounce a sense of austerity and hardship rather than that of opulence and regality.

The point being that the only people who see all of it on an almost regular basis and know each of these places as if they were born there, are travel agency associates. As more and more people pick up their bags to travel miles at a stretch with dreams in their eyes, these associates could tell them about the beauty in difference and why it makes the country all the more amazing. 

People who travel, generally do it for their thirst to discover the new, as a hobby, or as a mode of relaxation. In most cases, they have a calmer and more accepting mind set while they are on a journey, than they are likely to be in their regular lives. If during this time, tour packages in India and the travel agency associates pronounce how each of the states are different in most respects and yet very similar when it comes to the core feelings of human compassion and emotion, travellers are likely to see more light in that than in the articles they read on the internet.   

popular travel agencies in india

If one were to look at it, this country is built on difference than on similarities and yet has prosperously worked as the world’s largest democracy for over 70 years; that in itself is cultural identity of the country to the rest of the world. India doesn’t represent in its name any ethnicity, religion, culture, or socio-tribal identity; it simply means the land of Indus. If our state doesn’t define itself as any particular group identity, then why should we? That is the spirit travel agencies should represent when guide tens of people to different states every day and thousands throughout the year! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Cruise journeys cost the big bucks and there is no reason to tell anyone why. It has all the luxury one could want to experience in terms living, health, wellness, and entertainment. If one were to be really fair, a star cruise is no less than a floating city in the big blue ocean a utopian paradise of sorts that represents everything good and merry in the world. If it were a concept in a children’s book, it would probably be called Neverland or Hogwarts.

star cruise

But what are the things that make these cruise journeys so royal? Well, for starters, there is no way one could really get bored on a cruise. If you don’t believe the claim, take a look here – 

1. Dance Nights and Masquerade Balls 

If you have ever seen Zorro and wondered why you weren’t there during the Victorian era of dance nights and masquerade balls, then cruises are going to be your fantasy land. Most of the top cruise journeys host these kind of parties with professional tap dancing couples to keep the guests entertained and also encourage them to dance with their partners. It is truly a gala event with fountains of wine and snack finger bites doing the rounds to make the whole experience a lot more fun. 

2. Magic Shows 

Have a thing for reality warping magicians who make you gasp and scream with every trick, stacking up the odds of failure with each? Then star cruises packages will bring you some of the most memorable nights of your life that you can imagine. With professional magicians of high repute coming in to perform for a couple of nights on the cruise, this is surely going to be an experience worth remembering. 

3. Dance Musicals for Theatrical Connoisseurs

Love your drama and theatricals and have a particular taste for song and dance musicals? Then the days you spend on the cruise are definitely going to have memories that you will carry for the rest of your life. With some of the best dance drama troupes coming in to perform on the cruise and classics like 1001 nights on the list of presentations, it is not something any cruise member would want to slide off. 

4. The Panoramic Aquarium View of the Ocean

The aquarium view of the ocean is one of the most fascinating things one will ever come across in their lives. Made possible with reinforced glass panels that let cruise guests peep into the mystical world of the ocean and observe the aquatic flora and fauna, this a treat for the sore eyes. You can look at all the mysterious and colorful fishes and underwater plant life. Depending on what ocean you are floating, you could even see some of the exotic things you will ever experience a wondrous delight indeed. 

star cruises packages

5. Karaoke Lounge 

If you figured that you were just going to see others perform and not do much yourself, then this one should sure lighten you up. Karaoke is for the rock star inside you, and this lounge in the cruise loves to host nights for all the music lovers on board. There is no reason to feel uncertain, you can always read the lyrics on the screen if you forget! 

6. Indoor Games Rooms

Have a taste for indoor games to spend those lazy afternoons sipping your poison of choice? Then the cruise is not going to let you down; in fact, it has a special cozy room dedicated to these kind of activities with all kind of board game options you can think of. 

7. Basketball Court

If shooting hoops is your favorite pass time, then welcome to the basketball court on the cruise. You can play to keep fit or to stay entertained; and if you have a few people like you, you could also play a game. 

These 7 are just the tip of the iceberg. You can always find gymnasiums to keep you fit, spa centres for relaxation and self-indulgence, beauty salon centres, and a handful of speciality restaurants with the most exotic menus scattered all over the board. And if you have little taste for all of these, you could always chill on the sundeck and look into the great blue ocean, contemplating on how wonderful your life is.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Are you planning to book a holiday on Star Cruise Gemini? Is it bursting your budget? Don’t worry! Now you can realize your dreams of vacationing on a cruise for reputed travel agency Discovery Holidays is here with the right packages. Affordable and cheap, the vacation will not leave you bankrupt. The cost includes everything from accommodation to sightseeing at the ports. Gemini is known for its luxurious demeanor, which can now be experienced by you. Book a holiday today through Discovery Holidays and make memories for a lifetime!

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For all those people looking to take a break, Genting cruise liner is offering everything you can ask for. From luxurious accommodation to delicious meals, you will find a plethora of mind-blowing services on the ship. So pack your bags and board the ship today to make memories for a lifetime.

Vacations are important for everyone! Whatever the reason, vacations are important. You have been planning to take one for quite some time but are indecisive on the place to visit. Rather than going for a conventional holiday, why not opt for a cruise vacation?

Different and definitely worth the price and time, a cruise vacation is laden with extravagance and indulgence of the best kind. Making a trip to Hong Kong, Genting dream cruise is exactly what you are looking for. Offering more than just mere entertainment, Genting dream cruise is luxury on the sea. Want to know more? Keep reading the following article.

The accommodation options 

  • Genting dream cruise has a wide number of options when it comes to accommodation. The rooms are arranged as such that it offers something for everyone. Here are the types for better understanding. 
  • Garden penthouse is unmatched by anything else on the sea. The duplex suites are designed elegantly, to complement the luxurious taste of travelers. Each suite comes with a private sun deck, a whirlpool, a grand piano, two bedrooms with comfortable furniture and a separate area to host private parties.  
  • The dream executive suite, deluxe suite and dream suite comes with a king size bed, ample storage space, and a private balcony and butler service. 
  • The palace suite, dream cruise balcony room, and balcony stateroom include queen size bed and private balcony with a beautiful view of the blue ocean. 
  •  Consisting of two single beds and a window, the oceanview stateroom is quite luxurious and ideal for friends traveling together. 
  •  The inner stateroom also has two single beds and ample space to store your luggage. 

The gastronomical options

  • Apart from the extravagant accommodation that Genting dream cruise, you will be surprised by the numerous eateries that the ship has to offer. Here are some of the cafes and restaurants you can try out to satisfy your gastronomical expeditions. 
  • Internationally acclaimed Australian chef Mark Best showcases his culinary expertise at his first onboard restaurant, Bistro. The menu includes delicacies from everywhere around. Open for dinners, your taste buds will thank you later. 
  • Offering mouthwatering Chinese delicacies, Silk Road, and cabaret is fine dining at its best. The ambiance shrieks of class and glamour, while the food appeals to your tongue.
  •  Other restaurants and cafes include Lobby café, UmiUma, Genting club restaurant and Palm court.

So what are waiting for? With such unsurpassed services, Genting dream cruise is everything you can ever ask for. To book your next holiday on Genting dream cruise, visit the nearest travel agents for they offer lucrative offers on the trip. Be ready to make memories for a lifetime with the Genting dream cruise. Bon Voyage!