Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Kolkatans are always suffering from a constant need of going outstation and enjoying the culture and scenery of different places whether it be domestic or international. And, luckily enough for them, India is full of wonderful places to visit, be it natural scenery or historical monuments.

Here, we will list 3 domestic tour packages from Kolkata that are a total treat and not that much of an imposition on your pocket.


Just a day’s journey away from the city, Orissa is a wonderful place to visit during the winter months. Its blissful beaches and magnificent temples are a definite calling for Kolkatans. Not just that, one can also visit the famous Nandan Kanan, a zoo like no other, or the Chilka Lake, to try their hand at dolphin watching.

Due to its close vicinity from the city, this could easily be a weekend’s journey for those looking to make it happen.


For those that love pristine alpine beauty, this is probably a divine place to be. One could take time and imbibe the grandeur in the brisk weather of Nainital, the city of lakes. Or, for the more adventure savvy, there is the Jim Corbett national park. Named after the famous English hunter and conservationist, Corbett is truly a delight for wildlife lovers all over the world.

If one is lucky enough, they might even sport the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger in its wild habitat. There is probably no greater pleasure than this.

Uttarakhand has a temperate climate and has cool weather year round due to its altitude. A visit during the summer months however is going to be exceptionally pleasurable.

Andhra Pradesh & Telangana

Previously a single state, there is quite a lot to see in terms of history and wildlife in these regions. From the lush flora of the Araku Valley to the silver screen magic of Ramoji Fil City, this one is a total delight tour.

History lovers have enough to rejoice as well with the Golconda Fort, Charminar, Nizam’s Palace, and Salarjung museum. Things possibly couldn’t get any better in a mixed bag of travellers.

Try visiting all of these places with reliable domestic tour operators to really understand the beauty of it and reinvent or rejuvenate yourself for a better and brighter future.