Monday, 17 September 2018

Did you know that India has the most amazing fall destination choices for the wanderlusts? If you manage to get a fall break from your personal commitments or workplace, even if that means a weekend, you shouldn’t hesitate to travel at all! From the warm and sunny weather days to comfortable cool nights and the flowery landscapes, nothing can be better than being a traveler during fall!

Whether you are looking for a tranquil sojourn amidst the quaint hills, or some adventure in the forests, or want to pose at the beach wearing your sexy beachwear, you have option galore to try out before winter officially comes up!

There are a number of reputed domestic tour operators in India that curate affordable fall vacation packages for the travel buffs and you can contact one of them to get a great traveling experience.  Still confused about where to visit? Here are some options you could definitely consider.

Hampi, Karnataka

You must have come picturesque Hampi on different social media platforms, as this place of Karnataka is scenic and beautiful. With the historical connection of being the home to the Vijayanagara Empire in the 14th century, this city now lies in ruins that make it so splendid to visit.  The ethereal landscape is all about the remains of temples, shrines, memorials, baths and other structures.

Kolkata’s Durga Puja

Is there any travel lover who doesn’t wish to visit Bengal during the Durga Puja celebrations? Kolkata is a great place to visit during fall as the festival of the Bengalis, known as Durga Puja is celebrated with zeal and vigor. You can be a part of the pomp and ceremony in Kolkata, from pandal hopping to having delicious street foods, enjoying the elaborate Puja rituals and much more.

Darjeeling, Bengal

If you go to Kolkata during Puja, don’t leave Bengal without paying a visit to the hills in Darjeeling.  This can be an amazing fall retreat for the travel addicts and you can make the most of the season here.  From adventurous mountain trails to visiting the Gothic churches and Buddhist pagodas, or sipping hot chocolate at the mall, you have loads to do here!

The Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

This natural wonder is a must visit during fall! Situated in the hilly state of Uttarakhand, this place is home to rare fauna including the snow leopard, musk deer, and brown bear. The vast meadow is covered with medicinal plans and definitely the colorful orchids, poppies, daisies and marigolds and much more.  You can enjoy trekking here!

Pushkar, Rajasthan 

Do you want to try out something spiritual this fall? The best way would be to travel to Pushkar of Rajasthan. A tranquil and less crowded destination built around a holy lake, you can check out the different temples that are very old and built during the Mughal empire. You can explore the Pushkar Camel Fair that takes places during fall in Pushkar.

Choose one of the domestic group tour packages and start traveling!