Friday, 28 April 2017

MICE is a developing concept in the sector of tourism. It has been growing significantly in India as well due to the developed services and creditable advancement in the world tourism scenario.
What is MICE?
MICE, an acronym for Meeting Incentives Conference Exhibition is one of the fastest growing types of tourism in the international forum. As a part of the business or educational tourism, it aims at large groups wherein people are brought together for a particular purpose. The main motive is to blend business and leisure by allowing the agenda to be centred on a specific theme or topic. MICE tourism is known for having the itinerary planned way ahead the actually journey is undertaken. Hence, it involves an extensive planning. The increasing demand for MICE has also led to a growing clientele. According to many analysts, this trend is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years, given the rise in total technology and global business scenario.
Importance of MICE in tourism
Other than the fact the MICE is extremely important for the growth of the economy of a region, its significance can be summarised as follows.
  • It leads to the development of the infrastructure of all things related to tourism. So there will be uplift in the setup in the areas of transport and accommodation.
  • Once the business section of the trip is over, MICE travellers usually engage themselves in shopping and sightseeing. This leads them to spend money like other tourists, providing a boost to the economic condition of that area.
  • MICE is a great revenue generator and contributes much towards the foreign exchange of a country. Given that the trend of MICE tour India has been growing rapidly in this country, it produces a lot of revenue, which automatically triggers economic growth in other sectors, including hotels, restaurants, and even local shops.
  • Events as such increase the brand value of a country as an international tourist destination. as mentioned in the earlier points, MICE travellers generally engage in tourist activities once the business part is dealt with. This creates employment opportunities for the host country. Good services provided will help improve its status and thus attract more tourists.
MICE tourism in India
As highlighted in the previous section, MICE is quite significant when it comes to developing the tourism industry. Over the last few years, the importance of business tourism has had a noteworthy surge in India. Warm reception, nice accommodation, use of advanced technology, great services combined with rich cultural heritage has contributed positively towards its growth. There is also a wide network of transportation that makes it easy for people to travel from one place to another. With almost 17 international airports situated in key locations and a developed chain of rail and road transport, has definitely contributed towards India’s status as an international conference destination. Also, the number of educated people who are well-versed in English makes it easier for foreign travellers to move around the country with ease.
All the above mentioned factors included with sincere attempt of the Tourism Ministry, the concept of MICE tourism has developed. MICE domestic tour operator offer lucrative deals which are too good to ignore. Affordable and within the budget, they make sure that the traveller gets everything required. The services are really commendable, justifying India’s very definable presence in the international tourism sector.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Planning to travel some place during the summer? Confused about where to go? Or maybe picked a location but no place of accommodation? A travel agent is your answer to all the questions raised. But there lurks a bigger question-how to pick a right travel agent? The process can be overwhelming and you might end up even more confused. So to bring some relief to you, here is a list of tips on how to pick the right travel agent. Read on fordetailed information about the proposed topic.
Stay local
When you seek the help of a local corporate tours and travels it not only boosts the business but also that you get to meet the agent face-to-face. The significance of this can be identified later on when troubling questions and queries will fill you up. Everything from accommodation to commute is taken care of by the travel agency; hence taking to them upfront creates less confusion, especially when you are travelling a long distance.
Look for the certifications
Authorities certify and identify travel agencies who meet the professional standards. As an organisation, they should have few certificates to proof that they are legit and whatever they are doing is well within the limit of the laws and regulations. Certificates also proof that their activities are transparent and recognised by the state or country giving them much credibility.
Check the itinerary offered
When going for a tour, there are certain things which you must consider at all times. And itinerary is the most important one. What are the activities that you are going to undertake, the places you are going to visit are some of the vital information that the itinerary contains. Thus, check with the travel agency the kind of schedule they are offering and decide accordingly before making any commitment. Compare two or three such itineraries in order to have a vivid idea about the excursion.
Oh, and look for insurance
Travel agencies offer insurance before going on a trip to provide security to the people travelling. This is crucial in case of property damage, physical injuries or medical emergencies. Proper travel agencies will always offer the options to their customers to purchase insurance before undertaking the trip so as they stay protected.
Their knowledge
It is not possible to know about the entire world, it is just unruly. You will thus find travel agencies offering specific tours, for they specialise in a particular region. So if you want to travel to Europe, and the agency organises Caribbean tours, then it is not a correct choice. Thus, make sure that the agency whose help you are seeking knows about the region you are planning to travel to.
Picking a good travel agent is necessary and now with the tips mentioned above, you can make a wise choice. Popular travel agencies Kolkata offer lucrative deals on tours and travels. They organise both individual and group travel at affordable prices with enough discounts to attract you.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Though the busy streets of India may bum you out for some time, but it is definitely worth the try. The narrow lanes, the crowded corners, the street side shops, the hot weather and the warm people are definitely worth the visit. And when it comes to exploring India, the options are varied with every state (and there are 29 states and 7 union territories) having to offer something new, something unique. The world that lies beyond the busy streets and the developing metropolitans is spectacular and mesmerising. A place where you are bound to be lost, having no sense of time.

corporate tours and travels

Golden triangle, comprising the three most visited places in the country- Delhi, Agra and Jaipur- is something that everyone should try out at least once in their lifetime. These three cities are the oldest in the country, portraying a plethora of fascinating stories and withstanding as an eyewitness to the changing history (from Mughals to British). The tour starts in the capital city (Delhi), followed by the city of the kings and maharajas (Jaipur) and coming to a glorious end in the city of Taj (Agra). Popular tour agencies in India organise solo as well as group tours of the ‘Golden Triangle’. To know more, read on and discover India at its best.

Delhi: From ancient to urban

The capital of India has been a prime location to the major portion of Indian history. From the bustling lanes of Chandni Chowk to the exquisite beauty of Red Fort, the city is full of sites that are waiting to be explored. Jama Masjid, the Parliament, Raj Bhavan, Raj Ghat, India Gate, Lodhi Garden and Humayun’s tomb are some of the sites to visit. No one can leave Delhi without trying the variety of food available here. The kababs here are delectable and one of a kind. You will mesmerised by the charm of how old balances with modern here. Worth the visit!

Jaipur: The pink city

With its pink buildings and numerous palaces visit, Jaipur is symbolic of an old world charm that one desperately tries to get hold of today. If you go as a part of numerous tour groups in India as organised by travel agencies, you should definitely try out Hawa Mahal, City palace, Amber Fort and Jantar Mantar. Jaipur also offers delicious vegetarian food that upholds the culture in the best way imaginable.

Agra: The city of Taj

Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is considered to be the monument of love. Millions of people visit the Taj every year in order to enjoy the beautiful gardens, the intricate decors and the sheer magnificence of this building built by Mughal ruler Shah Jahan. You can also enjoy the Agra Fort which has been the residence of the Mughals. The food is also to be devoured on by not giving it a miss.

Online travel agencies in India organise tours of the golden triangle, allowing you to enjoy the best of the country. The tours are affordable and do not burn a hole in your pocket. This is truly once in a lifetime opportunity which you definitely do not want to miss out on.