Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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Northeast India is one of the hottest new updates in the list of off-beat destinations. The entire northeast India is like a different landscape with an unfamiliar lifestyle and culture. The seven states together constitute one of the most unexplored yet ecologically rich zones of the country that houses the indigenous tribesmen of the Garo, Khasi and Jaintia hills. The uniqueness of the place makes it even intriguing. The silent hills, the incessant rain and the humble people of the place somewhat make the place worth a visit in yo9ur lifetime. But there are certain things that you have to consider before visiting the place. Some rules, friendly information given below will definitely help you in your travel. Meanwhile to know about the travel packages, get in touch with a popular Kolkata travel agency
  • You need to extract some time out of your daily schedule if you genuinely want to explore the hills and plains of the north-east. It is because a short trip won’t really satisfy you and few days wont really help you seep in the vibe of the place. Sometimes you might also come across some kind of unique destination or an attraction that will interest you. 
  • Get updates from the constant weather change. Even though the states are popular for the persistent rain and the cold weather, you cannot really compromise with the gear given the fact that you cannot afford to shop for the same in case of emergency. Hence, you have to always keep tabs on the weather.

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  • The people of the north-east tend to be shy and timid, that does not mean you have to be intimidated by them. They are actually pretty humble with the tourists and are really friendly to them once they understand that the people are harmless. Hence, all you need to do after going there is make genuine interaction with them.
  • The different types of food available I the north-east is really unique. You should definitely try each one of them. But here’s a catch. Not all the foods will be according to your appetite or consumption habits. Sometimes you’ll come across such cuisines that will be seriously beyond your imagination. Hence, make sure to research about the food before embarking on a gastronomic journey. 
Hence, now that you’re quite aware of the various instructions, make sure to get in touch with a corporate tours and travels agent .You’ll be provided with a detailed plan regarding the tour and can even get discounts if you visit the North-east between the Christmas and New year.