Tuesday, 19 June 2018

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Monday, 11 June 2018

Mountains are a wonderful place to visit during the summer months and if you are planning to make a trip to the Himalayas, then you better do it right! Enjoying the lush landscape and having the time of your life can be done better, if you plan your trip a little better. 

Going on a Himalayan trip can get pretty costly, if you do not have a proper plan, since the people of these regions depend on their tourist economies and they look to earn their fair share during the peak seasons. Thus, going for a group tour packages India may seem like a more reasonable action for the following reasons –

1.Saves a lot on Travel Costs

Going up the Himalayan highlands and getting to different destinations can become a tough ask for your pocket because of the soaring car tariffs during the peak season. This is where getting into a group tour can help you, since the tariffs are doled out by the tourism agency and you just pay a onetime package fees. Of course, one could use shared vehicles also, but that becomes a matter of security, since you are having to travel with complete strangers and also, you might have to break your journey into parts because one ride simply does not get you to your final location, most of the time. 

2.Competitive Motivation 

Treks and hikes can be rather gruesome for people who do not lead an active life at home and travelling alone or with your own group does not an essence of healthy competition in most cases, unless there is a really fit person who is motivating everyone else. Group tours on the other hand tend to facilitate a camaraderie between participants and motivates each of the members to push themselves a little more and leave the finish line behind. This is another advantage of group tours to the mountains, and in many cases, group tour operators themselves make groups and create competition. 

3.Ready Help Always at Hand 

The Himalayan highlands are remote and treacherous and travelling by yourself could be a tad bit dangerous if you fall sick or meet with an accident. However, if you are with travel groups, there is always a paramedic or physician at hand who will make sure that you receive the right sort of emergency treatment. Even when you meet with an accident, you know that there will be people looking to make sure that you are all right in these remote destinations, something solo trips or personal group trips lack on an intrinsic level. 

These are some of the most important reasons why travelling with tourism group to the Himalayas this summer, could prove to be a really awesome experience. So, now that you know, make sure you try it out!