Monday, 16 September 2019

There are deep secrets hidden beneath the azure waters of the rivers. For those who love the sea or the rivers and adore gazing at the waters splashing over the rocky boulders should definitely opt for a cruise tour . In fact one of the popular tour operators are offering affordable cruise packages this Puja season you can definitely have a look at. 

The luxury cruise package is ideally made for those people who want to move beyond the shores and explore the unknown waters of the country. Thus, read on the blog to know more about the different types of cruise trips you can explore in India . 

Kerala Backwaters 

Kerala is one of the best destinations for those people who want to seek tranquility in the backwaters of god's own country. You can devour the gourmet delicacies of the local seafood that the chef on board has to offer. Apart from that you can visit various temples around the murky lands as well which will definitely make you feel at peace. 

Sunderbans cruise

Bengal is the state of unique mountains, rivers and forests. The mysterious rivers around the Sunderbans should definitely be explored, especially if you're an adventurer by heart. The Sunderbans cruise takes you along the  pristine beaches, creeks and islands of the Sunderbans which is a great place to witness the diverse tropical mangrove flora and fauna. 

The Andaman cruise 

If you want to tour the beautiful islands of the Bay of Bengal  , then make sure to opt for one of the Andaman& Nicobar tours. Enjoy the tropical cocktails on board and witness the playful dolphins and a variety of birds dance around the cruise ship. 

Chilika Lake cruise 

If you want to witness fairy tale wildlife from the comfort of a luxury cruise, then it will be advisable to hop on board for a trip to Chilika Lake! It is a haven for those people who like to gaze at the golden glow of the sunset and drown in the cacophony of the migratory birds.

Thus, all you need to do is contact one of the popular tour operators and book dream cruise Singapore rooms as per the requirements. The customer care team will also guide you regarding the trip details and can create a special Puja itinerary for you.