Tuesday, 22 May 2018

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The thing about corporate tourism is, when it is business related, companies are more than ecstatic to send their representatives and team to an international or domestic outing and yet leisure corporate tourism seems to be dying a slow unnatural death. While the reasons to this are many, it primarily stems from the management’s stringent work demands and makes for a rather disturbing trend in the corporate industry. This blog looks to change that or at least initiate some part of it with its humble effort to make both companies and employees realize that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

So, let’s take a look at why corporate offices should pay heed to leisure corporate tours and travels and how it could benefit them in the long run.


1.Decreases Employee Burn Out Rate

More of a 21st century condition, work burn out is a serious issue that is being recognized by modern psychology as a result of the fast-paced grueling life that this generation is going through. Burn out can cause severe lethargy and resentment towards work, but also has an easy fix in balancing work and leisure. And while it is a futile attempt to give the youth these kind of tips, the corporate management can take such initiatives with ease and increase employee enthusiasm, thus decreasing burnouts.

2.Improves Teamwork Amongst Employees

Lasting employee bonds are formed not in office corridors but outside the shackles of corporations and that is what corporate offices should realize and facilitate that. In the long run, it will increase employee chemistry and make sure that they work for and with each other. Studies have shown that increased bonds between employees also increases total productivity and makes it much beneficial for the company itself.

3.Increases Loyalty Towards Company

Corporate leisure travel is more of a perk and employees are likely to appreciate the gesture from the management. It makes employees feel treasured and sets the belief in them that they are in fact and indispensable part of the organization. This becomes a very important aspect of Human Resources for a company and they should observe a uniform frequency of at least twice every year and employ corporate tour operators to make sure that everything is taken care of on every level.

4.Gives The Company a Place in  Employee Care List

Not only is all of this good for employees and productivity, but in an age where leisure corporate travelling is dying, it gets the company a lot of good PR. It is also more likely to get the cream workforce attracted to your company, thereby giving you an edge over your contemporaries. These kind of decisions have a ripple effect and a company that takes care of its employees will always be in a better business space than the ones who don’t.

5.Establishes a Reward System

A reward system gives employees something to look forward to ahead of all the hard work and makes them more enthused towards trying at office and creating better productivity. In fact, many companies have also started gifting tourism packages to the best performers as an appreciation of their hard work and that has made others indulge in healthy competition and win the prize.

These are some of the reasons why more companies should employ leisure travel as part of their yearly curriculum and reward employees for all their hard work in the long run. It is a dire need not only for corporates but also for employees as well who are losing their will to stay in the system and becoming more and more inclined to get out of it, even though many do not have the skill to be. In fact, for the sake of their own productivity, established companies should encourage and create a system that facilitates service rather than entrepreneurship. Now, that you know how much of a difference this could make, get this to your HR team as well and ask them for a pitch of pros and cons of such a move. However, the weight scale of pros seems a lot heavier in this case!