Sunday, 9 December 2018

The holiday season is already here and its time that you escape from the bustling city lifestyle for a few days and escape to soak in the languid vibe of the ocean. If you’re a beach lover or seek the element of water wherever you go, then a joyride on the water will be a good idea for you this winter. If you’re thinking about spending some quality time with your beau away from the cacophony of the city, then a cruise ship tour will be the best gateway for you.  There are many places you can visit around the country, Andaman and Nicobar Islands being the most popular amongst them. To know more about the cruise ship packages and more such details get in touch with one of the popular travel agents in the city. Meanwhile read on to find out about the popular sea routes to the islands. 

Kolkata to Port Blair 

This is probably the longest route to Andaman, but you’ll get to experience the beauty of Bay of Bengal, nonetheless. The cruise ship travels once a week from the port which ultimately results to 3-4 trips a month. The time taken by the cruise ship from Kolkata to reach the city of Port Blair is approximately 70 hours. For the duration of 3 days that is spent on the journey you’ll also get to experience good food, parties and attractions that are held on board.

Chennai to Port Blair 

This is another easy way to reach Port Blair faster as compared to the distance from Kolkata. If you’re not a resident of the city, then take a flight to Chennai and from there get in touch with travel agents of cruise holidays India to know about the travel details. The total time taken from Chennai to port Blair is 60 hours, hence plan the trip accordingly. 

Vishakhapatnam to Port Blair 

If you consider travelling to Port Blair from Vishakhapatnam, then it will take you less amount of time given the fact that you can reach the Island capital within 56 hours. The only put-off here is the available of cruise is only once a month. Hence plan the trip accordingly.

Now that you know about all the route details to the island state, think about planning a romantic trip with your partner. A cruise trip is definitely worth the wait and the cost given the fact that you won’t get such opportunity so frequent in your life.