Sunday, 9 December 2018

The holiday season is already here and its time that you escape from the bustling city lifestyle for a few days and escape to soak in the languid vibe of the ocean. If you’re a beach lover or seek the element of water wherever you go, then a joyride on the water will be a good idea for you this winter. If you’re thinking about spending some quality time with your beau away from the cacophony of the city, then a cruise ship tour will be the best gateway for you.  There are many places you can visit around the country, Andaman and Nicobar Islands being the most popular amongst them. To know more about the cruise ship packages and more such details get in touch with one of the popular travel agents in the city. Meanwhile read on to find out about the popular sea routes to the islands. 

Kolkata to Port Blair 

This is probably the longest route to Andaman, but you’ll get to experience the beauty of Bay of Bengal, nonetheless. The cruise ship travels once a week from the port which ultimately results to 3-4 trips a month. The time taken by the cruise ship from Kolkata to reach the city of Port Blair is approximately 70 hours. For the duration of 3 days that is spent on the journey you’ll also get to experience good food, parties and attractions that are held on board.

Chennai to Port Blair 

This is another easy way to reach Port Blair faster as compared to the distance from Kolkata. If you’re not a resident of the city, then take a flight to Chennai and from there get in touch with travel agents of cruise holidays India to know about the travel details. The total time taken from Chennai to port Blair is 60 hours, hence plan the trip accordingly. 

Vishakhapatnam to Port Blair 

If you consider travelling to Port Blair from Vishakhapatnam, then it will take you less amount of time given the fact that you can reach the Island capital within 56 hours. The only put-off here is the available of cruise is only once a month. Hence plan the trip accordingly.

Now that you know about all the route details to the island state, think about planning a romantic trip with your partner. A cruise trip is definitely worth the wait and the cost given the fact that you won’t get such opportunity so frequent in your life. 

Monday, 19 November 2018

Do you want to breathe in a life changing experience this winter? Does your heart yearn for water and the wild fauna? Then the Sundarbans will be a great vacation destination for you this winter. Sundarbans, the land of boundless beauty and magnificent landscape, named after the unique Sundari Trees is a tropical paradise that is closer home. You don’t have to invest many days, but a weekend is enough to explore the beauty and soak in the aura of the place. If you get in touch with best tour operators in Kolkata, you can get all the required travel details. To know what lies in the nooks of the neighboring mangrove land, read on the blog to find out. 

Netidhopani is a 400 years old temple that is located at the core area of the Sundarbans National Forest. To enter the temple island, first you have to take permission from the Sajnekhali Forest officials and rent a small boat for the same. Linked to the popular Hindu mythology of Behula & Lakhindar, this temple stands as a witness of many stories from the past.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is the place from where most of the Tigers are visible in the area. Even though winter is not exactly the time that you can spot one but spending some time there, you can definitely bask in the glow of the morning sun and gaze at the evergreen beauty of the forest. Sometimes with the help of a quality binoculars you can also spot paw marks of a wandering Tiger.

Kanak is the home to Olive Ridley Turtles. These turtles generally thrive on shallow water and along the beaches apart from the mating season. Basically, Kanak is the place where this special species of turtles is preserved from impediments of poaching or hunting. You can spend some quality time with your family here learning about this unique turtle species. 

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary located between Peechkali and Gomti river is probably the only place that you can take a walk and look for the unique bird species. It is situated adjacent to the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve and is home to herons, egrets and several other species of bird. You can also visit the Mangrove interpretation center here as part of the sanctuary tour. 

Hence, now that you know about the different places to visit in Sunderbans, contact a travel agent who specialize in family & corporate holiday packages. You can also a cruise and opt from the various lucrative deals to visit Sundarbans. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Who doesn’t want to enjoy some luxury while traveling once in a while?  Traveling is one of the most rewarding things you can spend your money on, and if you want to end this year with an extravagant yet cost-effective vacation, you need to have a super appropriate planning to go ahead.  Being at a beautiful destination and having all the comfort doesn’t necessarily have to be excessively expensive, as you can handle things in your budget with some super effective tricks and hacks. 

The first thing that is important to plan a posh trip is to optimize your travel expenditure properly.  From choosing the type of vacation you want to have, whether it would be beaches or mountains to banking on one of the reasonable luxury holiday packages, a lot needs to be done for a holistic traveling approach.

Travel through a tour agency 

If you have no time to sort things out and splurge in the different options to choose the luxurious yet cost-effective itinerary, you should definitely consider getting hold of a renowned and reliable travel agency who would customize a reasonable deal for you within your budget.   The travel agencies have special services for affordable extravagant travel plans, and you can also score one of them to have a hassle free and wonderful trip.  This is must less expensive and more convenient.  The agents have connections to suppliers in specific destinations and this will be an advantage to you. 

Choose off beat and lesser known locations 

Without having to take the flight halfway across the world, you can still plan a luxury vacation on a budget.  The only possible way out here is to choose offbeat locations and lesser known destinations that are not that crowded or explored. All you need is to indulge in a little bit more research and avoid the places that have a lot of hype surrounding them. The hot tourist spots are very expensive and hence you should venture off to out of the box places.

Plan during the off-season 

This is the most intelligent way to travel luxuriously without burning a hole in your pocket.  For instance, a wonderful cold weather location can be explored during the chilly months instead of the high season of summer.  This will cost you much less and also help you enjoy an amazing trip

Book the newly opened hotels 

To get more comfort at cheap rates, you should be daring enough to put up in newly opened hotels or resorts.  This travel trick is something that is highly helpful as the new hotels always offer opening discounts and deals to lure guests.  Try to be a part of such a grand opening and bank on killer deals! 

Thus, with some easy ways being implemented, you can make one of the affordable yet luxury tours and travel plans! 

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Are you the ultimate cruise lover? Recently, cruising has garnered a lot of attention from wanderlusts across the globe and is definitely trending.  From the mystifying shores to the scenic beauties of the islands, cruising helps the travel lovers experience nature to the fullest.  Cruising has become one of the most popular ways to vacation for the holidays, and be it solo or in the group, you will always have fun on-board!   

We have all heard the stereotypes about cruises, but not all are facts. Some of them are popular myths that stop many from taking the initiative to cruise.  According to some studies carried out recently, it is found that around 24 million people a year take cruises worldwide and most of them hail from the USA.  India is also not left behind, and with Star Cruise, the leading cruise line curating exciting star cruise holiday packages, the sea lovers are leaving no chance behind to embark on adventurous and comfortable voyages! 

But before you go ahead to book such a package from a travel agency, here are some facts about cruising that you should be aware of.

The onboard ship amenities are getting better 

Did you know that the cruise ships offer you everything that you wish to have? For the travelers, these are turned into mini cities and malls that cater to distinct needs of the voyagers. The more you pay for the trip, the better access you get to the most extravagant services and amenities.  Apart from the common spa services, to exotic dining, gym and swimming pools, the magnificent cruise lines have also recently introduced live music concerts, amusement parks, skydiving simulators and other adventure sports, and much more. 

Always be prepare to eat 

Are you very health conscious and follow strict diet regimes? Then you must take a break from the conventional schedule and be prepared to hog on a variety of food items on your cruise vacation.  According to some reports, a lot of food is stocked on the ships so that the posh dining experience can be provided to the travelers.    For a seven-day trip, around 19,723 pounds of chicken, 18,314 pounds of Beef, 900 cans of beer and much more are definitely packed! How can you say no to lip-smacking food? 

The Caribbean is the most popular destination

For cruisers and the cruising industry, the most popular destination of the world is The Caribbean.  The white sands and beautiful clean and clear blue waters, make this place the most preferred cruise location. On the other hand, the busiest cruise port is in Miami, Florida, as almost 4.5 million passengers embark on their cruise vacation each year from here. 

The private island trends 

If You choose a star cruise package, be sure to visit their private island as well, because most of the popular cruise lines own their own private islands. These private destinations offer wonderful; shore excursions! 

Monday, 17 September 2018

Did you know that India has the most amazing fall destination choices for the wanderlusts? If you manage to get a fall break from your personal commitments or workplace, even if that means a weekend, you shouldn’t hesitate to travel at all! From the warm and sunny weather days to comfortable cool nights and the flowery landscapes, nothing can be better than being a traveler during fall!

Whether you are looking for a tranquil sojourn amidst the quaint hills, or some adventure in the forests, or want to pose at the beach wearing your sexy beachwear, you have option galore to try out before winter officially comes up!

There are a number of reputed domestic tour operators in India that curate affordable fall vacation packages for the travel buffs and you can contact one of them to get a great traveling experience.  Still confused about where to visit? Here are some options you could definitely consider.

Hampi, Karnataka

You must have come picturesque Hampi on different social media platforms, as this place of Karnataka is scenic and beautiful. With the historical connection of being the home to the Vijayanagara Empire in the 14th century, this city now lies in ruins that make it so splendid to visit.  The ethereal landscape is all about the remains of temples, shrines, memorials, baths and other structures.

Kolkata’s Durga Puja

Is there any travel lover who doesn’t wish to visit Bengal during the Durga Puja celebrations? Kolkata is a great place to visit during fall as the festival of the Bengalis, known as Durga Puja is celebrated with zeal and vigor. You can be a part of the pomp and ceremony in Kolkata, from pandal hopping to having delicious street foods, enjoying the elaborate Puja rituals and much more.

Darjeeling, Bengal

If you go to Kolkata during Puja, don’t leave Bengal without paying a visit to the hills in Darjeeling.  This can be an amazing fall retreat for the travel addicts and you can make the most of the season here.  From adventurous mountain trails to visiting the Gothic churches and Buddhist pagodas, or sipping hot chocolate at the mall, you have loads to do here!

The Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

This natural wonder is a must visit during fall! Situated in the hilly state of Uttarakhand, this place is home to rare fauna including the snow leopard, musk deer, and brown bear. The vast meadow is covered with medicinal plans and definitely the colorful orchids, poppies, daisies and marigolds and much more.  You can enjoy trekking here!

Pushkar, Rajasthan 

Do you want to try out something spiritual this fall? The best way would be to travel to Pushkar of Rajasthan. A tranquil and less crowded destination built around a holy lake, you can check out the different temples that are very old and built during the Mughal empire. You can explore the Pushkar Camel Fair that takes places during fall in Pushkar.

Choose one of the domestic group tour packages and start traveling!

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Are you failing to enjoy the feel of monsoon in the crowded city life of Kolkata? To perceive the actual soul of the rains, you need to visit the most running rain-soaked places near Kolkata on weekends, with friends or family. Instead of spending messy days in the city, amidst the traffic jams and potholes filled with rainwater and mud, it is essential that the travel buffs seek out the short journeys on the weekends to make monsoon more special and memorable. 

Leaving the city humdrum behind for a serene and rainy trip is integral to one’s wellbeing during the gloomy monsoons, to uplift mood and infuse happiness. Rains can do wonders for your emotions, and let that happen positively, away from the mundane complexities. 

Here are some of the best weekend getaway packages churned out by the leading travel agencies in Kolkata

The Ajodhya hills

Do you want to feel the rusticity and calmness of the rural this rainy month? Head to Ajodhya hills of Purulia, around 250 km away from Kolkata and you can trek through the lush green forests and the Rocky Mountains.  Enjoy A scenic view from the Gorgaburu hill, the highest point of this mountain range, and also relax around Bamni falls, as the water force becomes quite powerful due to rain.  Mingle with the tribal people, make way to the village temples and overall spend a great time!


If you are a beach lover, then the sea is calling you at Tajpur.  The forest along the beaches can let you have a serene evening stroll or party with your friends at the beach shacks. This sea beach offers innumerable options to the travelers who madly love the sea and sand. The sea becomes thrilling when it rains during monsoons!

Paushi, Midnapore 

A little away from the main city, Paushi is a small village of Midnapore district, which happens to be a small village very close to Mother Nature.  The rain soaked red muddy roads, small huts, bright and clean lush greenery all around will mesmerize your soul.  The eco-tourism destination named Mon Chasa is also located here and also you can have an amazing time by the Badga River. Enjoy authentic Bengali cuisine, and raw rural life for a weekend here.

Khoai, Bolpur 

In search of Tagore’s essence? Wait no more and drive to Khoai off Boplur that rings with Tagore's poetries and songs.  The peaceful greenery, red earth all around, and rainy vibes will help you unwind. You can enjoy the pollution free Shonajhuri forest and Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary, spotting some rare animals.

Thus, choose one of the top-notch Kolkata travel agencies, and let this monsoon gift you a wonderful weekend trip away from city life! 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Do you want to experience the sandy delights of India with your office team? Well, corporate outings are very important for the office going crowd, helping them to open up with their colleagues and this also assists them to rejuvenate for better work productivity.  The beaches provide perfect entourages for the team outings and hence the workplaces always prioritize them while organizing the corporate trips. 

Beaches are full of exciting water sports, serene scenery, pristine ambiance and of course the beachside beer parties. These add a lot of fun, and this is the reason why the leading corporate tour organizers have churned out exciting and reasonably priced beach trips for the office teams. 

Here are some of the beaches in India that can offer the best backdrops for office trips. 


We all need a chance to visit Goa, isn’t it? One of the popular holiday destinations, this place offers unlimited fun and thrill to the youth, and for office trips, this is a highly recommended place.   From relaxation at the summery tranquil beaches to trying out adventurous activities, Goa provides the perfect setup for a team outing. The team members can easily unwind themselves by chilling at the balmy sea beaches of Goa, and luxurious resorts.


If you want to let your team have a more peaceful time by the beach, then the beaches of Pondicherry will delight you the most.  From the harmonious existence of different nationalities in Auroville to organizing beach games like kayaking, canoeing, boating, and sailing, would be great for the teams. 

Udupi Marawanthe Beach

This happens to be a heaven for the nature addicts, this is also regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Karnataka. Udupi Marawanthe Beach is beautiful in its own with lush green palm trees, scintillating natural beauty, different thrilling activities.  The teams can get into some action with games like raft-building, kayaking, and other sports activities. Not to miss out on the enjoying Ayurveda spas here! 


The tempting and mesmerizing beach of Mahabalipuram is perfect for offices in Chennai and just a few hours of drive from the main city where the co-workers can bask under the sun and chill by the seashores.    The teams can relax amidst the beguiling scenery of the beach and extravagant resorts, and can also take part in beach soccer, human foosball and other games.


Situated between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Karwar is a great recreational place for the office goers and a number of beach activities can be arranged here.  Close to Goa and 519 km from Bangalore, this lovely place also is great for the teams who just want to revive themselves by spending quality time away from the office hustle bustle. 

Choose an office trip by one of the reputed corporate tours & travels and begin your journey! 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Are you planning to spend a different monsoon this year with your gang? Time to visit the capital of India, Delhi for an exhilarating monsoon thrill with your group, full of fun thrill and romanticism. 

The lush green northern hills, the pretty road side cafes, and amazing street food will make your monsoon worth a mention. Delhi’s monsoon is quite comfortable and you don’t have to worry about floods, rather make it the best time of the year to reconnect and celebrate with your group of best friends!

Wondering how to plan an affordable trip to Delhi this monsoon with friends? Choose one of the leading and trustworthy group tour operators of India, and begin your exploration to the north!

Here are some tips to have an amazing and cuddled up monsoon with Delhi this year! 

A throwback to old days at rooftop cafes 

When it comes to sitting with your friends and going for a nostalgic trip to good old days, nothing can be better than having coffee on rainy days. Delhi is an abode of some of the most colorful and cozy cafes on rooftops, be it at Vasant Kunj or CP.  You can enjoy the mesmerizing views of your gang, and sip into coffees and hot chocolates. 

Food expedition with friends 

Is your gang the ultimate foodie? The food enthusiasts can go for a food expedition to old Delhi lanes.  From street foods like golgappes and chaats to the paratha wali gali boasting with best parathas and chole bhatures, you have options galore to explore. 

Road trip to Murthal for some amazing parathas 

Murthal is 50 km away from main Delhi and youngsters regard this place as the best for the food addicts.   Visit the road side dhabas for exotic parathas. The bike road trips to Murthal are full of fun and become more thrilling during monsoons. 

Sneak peek into the historical Delhi with cameras 

Photoshoot with friends is always fun, and the moments that you capture on a trip will live forever.  Go discover the historical sports of old and New Delhi, from Red Fort to Lodhi Gardens, India Gate, Chandni Chowk and more and don’t forget to take your cameras to click some of the most amazing pictures amidst serene monsoon! 

To the hills

After staying some days in Delhi, you can set out for road trips with your group to the hills, be it Uttarakhand or Himachal.  These places become more beautiful after rain washes down the lush green valleys and forests! 

Choose one of the most affordable group tour packages from Kolkata from a leading travel agent and start your journey!

Friday, 13 July 2018

Discovery Holidays is the best travel agency of Kolkata and assures to deliver the poshest experience in cruise vacations to all at the most affordable rates. Their reasonable and amazing cruise packages make things super exciting and filled with plenty of fun activities. Taking care of everything, they strive to provide ultimate satisfaction to clients. From booking to being in the trip till the end, you have the friendly assistance of the team of trained professionals at all time. 

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Do you love to study the breath-taking beauty of nature during monsoons?  If yes, then nothing will satiate your soul in a better way than the northeast. Talking about Northeast, visiting Shillong, the Scotland of the east during monsoon is a mandatory thing for travel junkies.  The salubrious weather and incredibly heavenly scenic scene will intoxicate you completely. 

From beautiful and clean waterfalls to lush greenery, the steep Khasi hills, and orchid flowers would take you to a phase of serenity and make you feel close to mother earth. But, if you want to do more adventurous activities than usual sightseeing, Shillong and adjoining areas are best for that too.

Take and flight or train to Guwahati, and rent a taxi for a two hours’ drive to enter the state of Meghalaya, and finally into the lap of nature in Shillong.  A number of domestic holiday packages are there to suit your requirements. 

Here are some of the thrilling activities to do in Shillong. 

Boating in Umiam lake 

Enclosed with rich greenery and mountains, Umiam is a lovely lake situated in Nongpoh, at a distance of approx 17km from Shillong. To sail through the crystal clear water in Umiam would be a wonderful activity to take part in. You can different options there, from water-skiing, sailing, to rowing and you can choose accordingly.  The placid waterbody with peaceful weather would offer you the correct state of mind, body, and soul. 

Trekking in pristine trails 

To find out good trekking trails, travelers are suggested to go out of the town. Enjoy the trekking activities and David Scott’s trekking trail is one of the best in Meghalaya.  The trek passes through low granite and sandstone cliffs found amidst hills, with a clear stream flowing along with you.  For better trekking experience, Meghalaya Living Root Bridge, Kyllang Rock, and Sophet Bneng are exotic options. 

Angling at Dawki 

Apart from Umiam, Dawki is another beautiful small place that offers a promising opportunity for angling. 80 km away from Shillong, situated at Bangladesh border, this place renders different species like Catfishes, Golden Carps and Silver Carp while angling.  Choose one of the best domestic tour operators to get the best chances of angling and other activities.

River Rafting 

Did you think that north India is the only proper destination for river rafting? Then you should explore Shillong for better options.  Ranikor is an offbeat destination near Shillong and is the best place of Meghalaya for river rafting. If you have lesser time in hand, you can also simply go to Barapani Lake that is only 17km from main town Shillong.

Hop at the waterfalls 

There are a number of waterfalls in and around Shillong, from Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls and Crinoline Falls to popular Elephant falls.  You can explore them and take bath in the natural swimming pools that they create, with the fish spa free! 

Monday, 2 July 2018

Discovery Holidays is one of the travel agents in Kolkata, serving for almost for 20 years and more. They aim to bring complete customer centric travel services to the clients and travellers by helping you in planning your own hassle-free travel, itinerary, routes, destination, place of stay, kind of holiday, without any interruption., that too at competitive prices. Being one of the leading online travel agencies in India, they also represent some brilliant world class cruise companies.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Want to enjoy Genting dream cruise? Book one of the most luxurious cruise packages from the leading travel agent, Discovery Holidays. They aim to bring smiles and complete satisfaction in the faces of the clients and travellers by helping you in planning your own hassle-free travel, itinerary, routes, destination, without any interruption., that too at competitive prices. Being one of the leading online travel agencies in India, they also represent some brilliant world class cruise companies. 

Monday, 11 June 2018

Mountains are a wonderful place to visit during the summer months and if you are planning to make a trip to the Himalayas, then you better do it right! Enjoying the lush landscape and having the time of your life can be done better, if you plan your trip a little better. 

Going on a Himalayan trip can get pretty costly, if you do not have a proper plan, since the people of these regions depend on their tourist economies and they look to earn their fair share during the peak seasons. Thus, going for a group tour packages India may seem like a more reasonable action for the following reasons –

1.Saves a lot on Travel Costs

Going up the Himalayan highlands and getting to different destinations can become a tough ask for your pocket because of the soaring car tariffs during the peak season. This is where getting into a group tour can help you, since the tariffs are doled out by the tourism agency and you just pay a onetime package fees. Of course, one could use shared vehicles also, but that becomes a matter of security, since you are having to travel with complete strangers and also, you might have to break your journey into parts because one ride simply does not get you to your final location, most of the time. 

2.Competitive Motivation 

Treks and hikes can be rather gruesome for people who do not lead an active life at home and travelling alone or with your own group does not an essence of healthy competition in most cases, unless there is a really fit person who is motivating everyone else. Group tours on the other hand tend to facilitate a camaraderie between participants and motivates each of the members to push themselves a little more and leave the finish line behind. This is another advantage of group tours to the mountains, and in many cases, group tour operators themselves make groups and create competition. 

3.Ready Help Always at Hand 

The Himalayan highlands are remote and treacherous and travelling by yourself could be a tad bit dangerous if you fall sick or meet with an accident. However, if you are with travel groups, there is always a paramedic or physician at hand who will make sure that you receive the right sort of emergency treatment. Even when you meet with an accident, you know that there will be people looking to make sure that you are all right in these remote destinations, something solo trips or personal group trips lack on an intrinsic level. 

These are some of the most important reasons why travelling with tourism group to the Himalayas this summer, could prove to be a really awesome experience. So, now that you know, make sure you try it out!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Visit Shaktipeeth in Himachal Pradesh and satiate yourself with the holiest of shrines. Contact Discovery Holidays today. It is a leading travel agency in Kolkata, bringing an exciting range of travel packages for the pilgrims. Covering an array of domestic and international destinations, the company promises to deliver you a satisfying experience at the most cost-effective pricing. From accommodation to transportation, let Discovery Holidays deliver you uber comfort and convenience in your travel to Shaktipeeth in Himachal Pradesh


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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The thing about corporate tourism is, when it is business related, companies are more than ecstatic to send their representatives and team to an international or domestic outing and yet leisure corporate tourism seems to be dying a slow unnatural death. While the reasons to this are many, it primarily stems from the management’s stringent work demands and makes for a rather disturbing trend in the corporate industry. This blog looks to change that or at least initiate some part of it with its humble effort to make both companies and employees realize that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”

So, let’s take a look at why corporate offices should pay heed to leisure corporate tours and travels and how it could benefit them in the long run.

1.Decreases Employee Burn Out Rate

More of a 21st century condition, work burn out is a serious issue that is being recognized by modern psychology as a result of the fast-paced grueling life that this generation is going through. Burn out can cause severe lethargy and resentment towards work, but also has an easy fix in balancing work and leisure. And while it is a futile attempt to give the youth these kind of tips, the corporate management can take such initiatives with ease and increase employee enthusiasm, thus decreasing burnouts.

2.Improves Teamwork Amongst Employees

Lasting employee bonds are formed not in office corridors but outside the shackles of corporations and that is what corporate offices should realize and facilitate that. In the long run, it will increase employee chemistry and make sure that they work for and with each other. Studies have shown that increased bonds between employees also increases total productivity and makes it much beneficial for the company itself.

3.Increases Loyalty Towards Company

Corporate leisure travel is more of a perk and employees are likely to appreciate the gesture from the management. It makes employees feel treasured and sets the belief in them that they are in fact and indispensable part of the organization. This becomes a very important aspect of Human Resources for a company and they should observe a uniform frequency of at least twice every year and employ corporate tour operators to make sure that everything is taken care of on every level.

4.Gives The Company a Place in  Employee Care List

Not only is all of this good for employees and productivity, but in an age where leisure corporate travelling is dying, it gets the company a lot of good PR. It is also more likely to get the cream workforce attracted to your company, thereby giving you an edge over your contemporaries. These kind of decisions have a ripple effect and a company that takes care of its employees will always be in a better business space than the ones who don’t.

5.Establishes a Reward System

A reward system gives employees something to look forward to ahead of all the hard work and makes them more enthused towards trying at office and creating better productivity. In fact, many companies have also started gifting tourism packages to the best performers as an appreciation of their hard work and that has made others indulge in healthy competition and win the prize.

These are some of the reasons why more companies should employ leisure travel as part of their yearly curriculum and reward employees for all their hard work in the long run. It is a dire need not only for corporates but also for employees as well who are losing their will to stay in the system and becoming more and more inclined to get out of it, even though many do not have the skill to be. In fact, for the sake of their own productivity, established companies should encourage and create a system that facilitates service rather than entrepreneurship. Now, that you know how much of a difference this could make, get this to your HR team as well and ask them for a pitch of pros and cons of such a move. However, the weight scale of pros seems a lot heavier in this case!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

International tours always get us super excited, but there are certain things that one needs to follow in order to be safe. This blog lists out some of the pointers that are absolutely necessary, so that enjoy your foreign visit.

Travel enthusiasts have always romanticized the idea of venturing outside boundaries and no doubt it is one of the most beautiful ways of knowing the world. However, whenever one goes outside the borders of their own country and visit another, there are numerous international protocols burdened on them. To abide by these and enjoy oneself responsibly in a foreign country, certain things should always be kept in mind. This blog lists a few of the important ones and there are others as well that your international tour packages agency can familiarize you with. Now, let’s take a look at the ones listed here –


1.Always Carry Your Passport Around with you 

This is rule 101 when travelling in a foreign country and some could even put you behind bars or deport you for not having the document on you all the time. The passport is your identity and makes sure that the police and law enforcement agents of the country do not mistake you as an illegal immigrant and take legal action against you. It also safeguards you in case of any kind of emergency and lets you take refuge or seek help in your country’s embassy if there is any problem going on in that nation.


2.Travel Insurance is a Must Have 

Getting a travel insurance before going for a foreign trip shouldn’t be an option and you should always go for the ones that offer the most elaborate securities in case anything goes wrong. While it may seem like an unwanted expense since more often than not it isn’t necessary, this document can prove to be the safety net in case something goes awry, and you need the means to cover it.


3.Keep your Local Contact on Speed Dial

When you visit different countries as a part of international holiday packages, you are introduced to a local contact who takes care of all the arrangements. While that is all well and good, you should make sure that you have his/ her number on speed dial, so that you can contact the person if any emergency need arises. Also, it works in your favor if you behave well with the contact and keep in his/ her good books for the best support abroad.


4.Know about Crime Rate and Safety

Visiting different cities, it becomes a healthy habit to know about the crime rate and crime prone areas of the place so that you know which streets to avoid. Getting into the wrong turns could spoil your whole experience and crime is a part of every society, no matter how Utopian it looks from the outside. Also, ask your local contact whether you need to keep a curfew hour in mind to avoid any public complications!


5.Carry a Handbook of the Local Language at All Times

If you are visiting a country with a language you don’t speak or understand, then carrying a handbook of the same with common phrases could often get you out of sticky situations. Alternatively, you could also get a translation app on your smart phone and use that to communicate with the locals. Remember to always stay calm, because, where there is a will, there is way!

Keep all of these tips in your head and stay responsible even when you enjoy. The whole point of a foreign vacation is to have a gala time and experience a new culture and meet up with people from different parts of the world. Keep your mind open, and take the leap of faith into the unknown – you might find more familiarity there!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Whether one looks at it from a social, economic, or geographical perspective, if there is one thing that the Indian subcontinent can promise, it is diversity! And what better way to showcase that cultural, historic, and geographic diversity than through travel agencies of the country? For those who aren’t able to make sense of the premise, travel agencies Kolkata tour thousands of people every year to different parts of the country and help them imbibe for the immediate time being, the essence of those places.

india tour groups

These agencies have a far greater exposure to the cultural, linguistic, historical, and often economic disparities of the different places. A brilliant example would be when some visits Southern India compared to when they visit the Himalayas in the extreme North or North East. The most famous attractions of Southern states are temples, palaces, and pictures of opulence; not that there is lack of natural beauty but it is a mix of both. 

On the other hand, Northern most and North Eastern states show a completely different picture. The general populace is the working class labour in most villages that are situated in valleys and lie quite far off from each other. The temples have unique deities that pronounce a sense of austerity and hardship rather than that of opulence and regality.

The point being that the only people who see all of it on an almost regular basis and know each of these places as if they were born there, are travel agency associates. As more and more people pick up their bags to travel miles at a stretch with dreams in their eyes, these associates could tell them about the beauty in difference and why it makes the country all the more amazing. 

People who travel, generally do it for their thirst to discover the new, as a hobby, or as a mode of relaxation. In most cases, they have a calmer and more accepting mind set while they are on a journey, than they are likely to be in their regular lives. If during this time, tour packages in India and the travel agency associates pronounce how each of the states are different in most respects and yet very similar when it comes to the core feelings of human compassion and emotion, travellers are likely to see more light in that than in the articles they read on the internet.   

popular travel agencies in india

If one were to look at it, this country is built on difference than on similarities and yet has prosperously worked as the world’s largest democracy for over 70 years; that in itself is cultural identity of the country to the rest of the world. India doesn’t represent in its name any ethnicity, religion, culture, or socio-tribal identity; it simply means the land of Indus. If our state doesn’t define itself as any particular group identity, then why should we? That is the spirit travel agencies should represent when guide tens of people to different states every day and thousands throughout the year! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Cruise journeys cost the big bucks and there is no reason to tell anyone why. It has all the luxury one could want to experience in terms living, health, wellness, and entertainment. If one were to be really fair, a star cruise is no less than a floating city in the big blue ocean a utopian paradise of sorts that represents everything good and merry in the world. If it were a concept in a children’s book, it would probably be called Neverland or Hogwarts.

star cruise

But what are the things that make these cruise journeys so royal? Well, for starters, there is no way one could really get bored on a cruise. If you don’t believe the claim, take a look here – 

1. Dance Nights and Masquerade Balls 

If you have ever seen Zorro and wondered why you weren’t there during the Victorian era of dance nights and masquerade balls, then cruises are going to be your fantasy land. Most of the top cruise journeys host these kind of parties with professional tap dancing couples to keep the guests entertained and also encourage them to dance with their partners. It is truly a gala event with fountains of wine and snack finger bites doing the rounds to make the whole experience a lot more fun. 

2. Magic Shows 

Have a thing for reality warping magicians who make you gasp and scream with every trick, stacking up the odds of failure with each? Then star cruises packages will bring you some of the most memorable nights of your life that you can imagine. With professional magicians of high repute coming in to perform for a couple of nights on the cruise, this is surely going to be an experience worth remembering. 

3. Dance Musicals for Theatrical Connoisseurs

Love your drama and theatricals and have a particular taste for song and dance musicals? Then the days you spend on the cruise are definitely going to have memories that you will carry for the rest of your life. With some of the best dance drama troupes coming in to perform on the cruise and classics like 1001 nights on the list of presentations, it is not something any cruise member would want to slide off. 

4. The Panoramic Aquarium View of the Ocean

The aquarium view of the ocean is one of the most fascinating things one will ever come across in their lives. Made possible with reinforced glass panels that let cruise guests peep into the mystical world of the ocean and observe the aquatic flora and fauna, this a treat for the sore eyes. You can look at all the mysterious and colorful fishes and underwater plant life. Depending on what ocean you are floating, you could even see some of the exotic things you will ever experience a wondrous delight indeed. 

star cruises packages

5. Karaoke Lounge 

If you figured that you were just going to see others perform and not do much yourself, then this one should sure lighten you up. Karaoke is for the rock star inside you, and this lounge in the cruise loves to host nights for all the music lovers on board. There is no reason to feel uncertain, you can always read the lyrics on the screen if you forget! 

6. Indoor Games Rooms

Have a taste for indoor games to spend those lazy afternoons sipping your poison of choice? Then the cruise is not going to let you down; in fact, it has a special cozy room dedicated to these kind of activities with all kind of board game options you can think of. 

7. Basketball Court

If shooting hoops is your favorite pass time, then welcome to the basketball court on the cruise. You can play to keep fit or to stay entertained; and if you have a few people like you, you could also play a game. 

These 7 are just the tip of the iceberg. You can always find gymnasiums to keep you fit, spa centres for relaxation and self-indulgence, beauty salon centres, and a handful of speciality restaurants with the most exotic menus scattered all over the board. And if you have little taste for all of these, you could always chill on the sundeck and look into the great blue ocean, contemplating on how wonderful your life is.