Thursday, 7 March 2019

5 Reasons to Pick Singapore As Your First Solo Travel International Destination

Traveling alone can be quite nerve-wracking; at least the first few times. 

Sure, visiting an unknown place, walking down the streets alone and experiencing new experiences all by yourself -- it all sounds too fascinating, romanticized by many, courtesy of Hollywood-influence. 

But in reality, if you’re hitting an international destination alone for the first time, it won’t be as dreamy. You will face many problems and your anxiousness will stay at peak throughout the journey. 
However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel alone.

Here are 5 reasons why Singapore is a go-to international destination for first-time solo travelers:

1.Highly safe and secure

Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world, with a very (very) low crime rate. So safe is the place that many shop owners do not even care locking up their shop at night properly. 

Since personal safety is a major concern for solo travelers, this island takes full care of that. 

2.Many familiar faces 

Indian Diaspora in Singapore is big and active. To that, since the city is one of the foremost tourist destinations, Indian travelers crowd the place round the year. 

So, when chilling on the streets and malls of Singapore, you will find many familiar faces. You will always feel like home. 

3. The cultural diversity

Although no country can match the vast cultural magic of India, Singapore comes quite close. The city is jeweled with cultural diversity.

So, if you’re a culture lover, Singapore won’t disappoint you. 

4. It's affordable 

Unless you're very well-off, you would want your first solo travel to be well within means. 

Singapore is a highly affordable destination. You get a premium feel in accommodation, traveling, food and shopping at a comparatively lower cost.

5. Super Singapore cruise packages 

Enjoy Singapore à-la-royal. Instead of just enjoying the streets, explore its ocean. Many travel agencies in India offer cool and custom Singapore cruise packages.

Comparatively, cruise feels much relaxing and comfortable with a family-like group traveling together. So, for your first solo international travel, Singapore cruise tour can be a great option. 

Of course, there are many, many more. But these are 5 primary reasons why Singapore is the most ideal international destination for first-time solo travelers.

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