Thursday, 11 July 2019

Here'S Why You Shouldn'T Miss The Super Star Gemini Cruise

Operated by the third largest cruise line in the world, Superstar Gemini is one of the best cruise experiences money can buy. Star Cruises is the industry leader in the Asia-Pacific region and  the 13-storey Superstar Gemini is among the best of its offerings. With facilities providing immense comfort and luxury, the experience is  redefining elegance for many of its patrons, who always want for another opportunity to go onboard for more delights of this surreal island odyssey. The packages range for three to four nights and travels to places like Phuket, Penang and Krabi is possible at extremely economical prices.


The cruise promises to be every food lovers' delight. There are 11 restaurants and bars abroad this enormous ship which promises something for everyone's taste buds, inclusive of the most famous international cuisines prepared by some of the most famous chefs in the world. 


This enormous ship is high in celebrating the ethos of the Asian culture which is reflected in the options for entertainment available aboard the ship right from Mah Jong to flexible Chinese acrobats. There are a lot of options for entertainment on the ship which doesn't hold back anything on providing the passengers the most exciting cruise experience of their lifetimes. 


The ship has super comfortable cabins for the passengers which is one of the major reasons why Star Cruises manages such a high rate of 'return-business' for Superstar Gemini. Almost comparable to a regular hotel room suite in comfort, the cabins aboard the Superstar Gemini are just more condensed than the former. 

No Hassles

Cruising is a perfect holiday option for groups, simply because how hassle free it is. Everything is organized and run in a very proficient manner by the authorities in charge which leaves the passengers with very little to complain about. It's also a great option for incentive trips as it has been used as an incentive by many corporate bodies around the world. 


There are a lot of leisure options available for just about everyone onboard the ship. Enough spas and salons to ensure that you relax to your heart's content and end up with no complaints whatsoever after experiencing he best in Asian hospitality. 

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